England capture.

  • Just began thinking. is it even possible to capture London in G1?
    If so has anyone tried?

  • it is impossible

  • G1 Germany has 1 transport, so you could attack with only 2 units (not counting the luftwaffe, though they’re needed for France and the British fleet).  The British fleet also makes it impossible to reach London in 1 move.

  • @Gargantua:


    Spend all of your money on tech, hope that you get paratroopers, you can make it from west germany, use all of your planes.

    you have like a 2% chance to suceed.

    Paratroopers cannot attack without a concurrent land or amphibious assault.  So no.  It’s completely impossible to capture the UK on G1.

    “3.  Paratroopers.  Up to 2 of your infantry units in each territory with an air base can be moved to an enemy controlled territory 3 or fewer spaces away that is being attacked by your land units from adjacent territories and/or by amphibious assault.  If the territory attacked has an antiaircraft gun, the paratrooper infantry units are subject to antiaircraft fire in the same way as air units.  If attacking along with land units from adjacent territories, paratroopers may retreat as normal.”

  • Which is why paratroopers are mostly useless.  🙂

  • 2007 AAR League

    Doesn’t seem like any of the techs are worth it since you don’t get keep the dice purchased if you don’t roll a 6.

  • I would agree - capture of London on G1 is a physical impossibility.  British and French cruisers in SZ112 block the Kriegsmarine from reaching the UK and the paratrooper rule requires additional ground attack.

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