New Gamer Question on Nation Objectives

  • Hi,

    I’m new to playing A&A Pacific, I mostly play the W@S miniatures, and I have a question about the National Objectives (page 21).

    For ANZAC, it states “Gain 5 IPCs if the allies control Dutch New Guinea, New Guinea, New Britain, and the Solomon Islands.”

    Would this be 5 IPCs per turn or just once? I think it means just once because of how the Chinese NO is worded, specifically stating every turn, but I’m not sure.

    So would the Gain 5 IPCs if you control certain territory NO count every turn of just once?

    Thank you in advance,


  • Official Q&A

    Welcome, HMS_Artemis!

    It applies each turn.  All of the NOs do unless they state otherwise (there’s only one that doesn’t).

    If you haven’t done so already, check out the FAQ for important rules errata and clarifications.

  • Thanks!  and tanks  for the link to the FAQ  🙂

  • Hi guys

    Im pretty new to the scene and had thoughts of trying it out but need advice. Any tips would be greatly appreciated


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