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    It’s a final module for Axis and Allies: Europe 1940 (OOB version). Enjoy it! It should be relatively easy convert it to alpha2+ if you really really need, but do it yourself and at your own risk  :wink:

    version 1.0 (original)

    How to install

    First, install AABattlemap if you have not it yet! (not included in module pack)

    Unzip Europa40.zip file to your AABattlemap folder. You’ll have then a folder with the module files. Open it, then copy and paste AABattlemap.exe to
    your AABattlemap folder (assuming that you have not updated yet AABattlemap to 0.80a version). Start a new game as ‘Axis & Allies Europe 1940 OOB’

    What does (in fact, all that the normal game needs)

    • I changed some names of territories to make them more short or intuitive (Greather Souther Germany? No, dude: South Germany). OOB name is also shown
    • All NOs included work, but they’re not autocalculated (you need put a counter in the proper box). Soviet 3 IPCs NOs are in NOs chart
    • Also, one-time NOs for USA and UK also appear in NOs zone. Put a red ‘v’ marker after you colect them as reminder that you cannot colect them anymore
       I prefer this place for these NOs that would be stealing valuable space to such small territories
    • The Gibraltar box included in NOs chart is not a NO box. It’s just some additional space for Gibraltar (handy to put a national marker there)
    • Pro-axis and pro-allies use a marker from the neutrals toolbar (grey with a ‘x’ for axis and green with a circle for pro-allies). True neutrals doesn’t
       use any special marker
    • OOB setup included (checked, but you can report errors if you find them)
    • It calculates all the territory income and also the land, air, navy and build values (totally revised)
    • Convoy raids work. No odd things here, and French raids work because there are only 7 powers in this game (including the neutrals power). Just remember
       mark wich powers are are war with the crossed swords marker (neutral toolbar) if you’re autocalculating convoy raids. If not, just use red ‘v’ marker
    • Wolf packs optional advantage for Germany works. Just use the last row marker (the one with 2 submarines instead of 1). Use normal submarines if you’re
       not using Wolf Packs optional rule. By the way, you can use ‘Wolf Packs’ from any power if you really want (just use the other WP markers)

    The neutrals toolbar

    From left to right:

    • ‘At war’ marker
    • Neutral infantery
    • 3 fleet gather markers
    • ‘Pro-Axis’ marker
    • ‘Pro-Allies’ marker
    • Red ‘v’ marker (used to mark one-time NOs, verify the optionals, and also for at war status if convoy raids are not autocalculated)
    • 2 multi-purpose markers
    • 6 plain markers
    • 4 markers for damaged facilities
    • 1 plain marker
    • Wolf Packs unit marker (convoy raid value is 3)

    The optionals

    • Auto calculated convoy raids box (default is ON)
    • Tech options box (default is NO TECH)
    • French Resistance box: you start with 4 (but you can add or rest units). Delete them after used
    • Siberian reinforcements box: you have 2 (again, you can add or rest units, or even change this to 9 IPCs if playing alpha2+). Use them as in OOB rules say
    • Exilied government: default is OFF. If marked, coutries that lost their capital can still colect money and buy units
    • VCs to win boxes: default is 8 for Axis and N/A for Allies. Change this if you want
    • Wolf Packs box: default is OFF. Mark it as reminder if you want to use this optional

    Color coding and map symbols

    • Germany: grey
    • USSR: light brown (similar to the one used for Revised or AA50)
    • UK: limey
    • Italy: light grey
    • USA: dark green
    • France: light blue
    • Dutch: purple (to prevent confusing them with UK)
    • Neutrals: white
    • SZs: darker blue
    • Impassable water: dark blue
    • Channels and straits: lighter blue (Gibraltar and Danish straits are not shown in infoview)
    • Impassable land: cream
    • Convoy raid SZs: fancy boat symbol
    • Capitals: red square
    • Non-capital VCs: red circle


    • Stoney, that made original AAP40 module (I copy-pasted some things to G40 module and then to E40 module)
    • Holkann, that teached me how make modules
    • Attila, for creating AABattlemap
    • Mr. Harris, for creating Axis and Allies
    • Funcioneta (me) for creating the module. PM if you ask some question

  • Does it work on a mac/OSX?

  • I don’t know. But if AABattlemap works, this module should.

  • This should be stickied …

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