Allies counter BMB-strikes!!!

  • Hi all,

    im am playing axis and allies for over six months now, and recently I started playing PBEM-games on!

    Now i have played several games against a buddy of mine, and he came up with a german strategy i simply can’t repel! Maybe anyone can shine a light on this!

    What he does, is really simple! He buys a German bomber every round and with that he destroys my UK fleet every time! Even if I put a AC with 2ftr overthere, is always manage to destroy it! I tried placing it in GRN, in CEL….everywhere, but he always succeed!

    Can anyone tell me how to build a UK-fleet succesfully??


  • I’m pretty much a novice at this.

    But I’d take whatever ships you had left after turn 1 to sz 2. Should at least be one destroyer and transport left.

    Build a carrier and park your couple fighters on it. Also build a crusier and transport.

    Turn 2, move fleet to France or Norway, build another carrier and crusier and have the American planes parked on it during US 2.

    By this time if he’s still building bombers you should be doing damage on the eastern front with Russia.

  • '16 '15 '10

    Generally, the solution is build American units in SZ10.  Then you build UK units in SZ8 on the following turn, and move in the American fleet from SZ10 to protect it.

    SZ2 can also be a safe spot to build, but it is vulnerable to bomber attacks if Germany holds Norway.

  • carriers and ftrs are the best way to counter.  If you can, have USA build the carriers, they can afford them more than UK.  3 fully loaded carriers and a couple of DDs should keep the bombers from attacking or make it costly if Germany did attack.

  • You start with 43 IPC.
    I’ve seen people buy 2 carriers and a destroyer and a transport for the British and it works extremely effectively. Placing the fleet in sea zone 8 works best, as any surviving ships from the German initial attacks can group there, and the Americans can send their ships as well as their planes to land on one of the carriers, while the two British fighters can land on it as well.

    This upfront force of 2 loaded carriers and usually 3 destroyers is enough to deter everything Germany might do, save a complete Baltic fleet build, which would then require a second turn of British and American ship building. Should the Germans do this, however, Russia will completely dominate the Eastern front after the 3rd round.

  • Liaison TripleA '11 '10

    Oh the game problems I wish I still had…

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