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    My brother and I are trying to get into minis, here’s what I bought today.

    first off I bought two 1939-45 starter sets off of Amazon, then I went to Ebay and bought the following for myself.

    Defiant Paratrooper (UK) x6
    M7 Priest                    x1
    SMLE riflemen              x4
    Kangaroo carrier          x1
    Spitfire mk1                x1
    eagle eyed NCO            x1
    Inspiring Lt.          (UK) x2
    Royal engineers            x2
    Piat Gunner                  x3
    6 pounder antitank        x1
    17 pounder antitank      x1
    Bren gunner                  x3
    Canadian infantry          x3
    Inspiring hero (UK)          x1
    Vickers machine gun      x3

    Is this an adequate army? I was pretty much just grabbing things I heard of.

  • Not a bad start!  You could field a decent British/Commonwealth army with what you have there.  You are a little short on AFV’s(armored fighting vehicles) but if you keep scrounging ebay you should find some good deals.  I have also ordered some custom made units from this guy:  http://www.gamodls.com/  He is an independent seller and has a nice selection of units for the major powers, including some units not covered in A&A and most of his stuff is $4 a piece.  I would recommend hitting any local gaming stores in your area, I have found D-Day and Contested Skies boosters for ~$10 when they are selling online for $25-$30 each.  A single Higgin’s landing craft can sell for $40+!!!  I have 4 now but only got 1 from a booster and traded for the rest.  Good Luck!

  • Ebay is the place.  Also, try buying boosters cases and you will be able to build multiple armies, one for you and one for your brother.  do a search ob axis and allies mini boosters and you may hit a gold mine.  Also, trying contacting the seller and see if he will sell you multiple case for a deat, IE 3 for $200, plus shipping.  This will give you nearly 225 units.  Good luck, Dan

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