• Germany want to do a SBR with two fighters. London will defend with 3 fighters. Imagine that the British AAgun loses all 3 hits. Then, the 3 british fighters score 3 hits, one per fighter. If there’re only 2 attacking fighters and the bomber, what will happen to the bomber? Is it hit? If so, can it counterattack the fighters or can it do the SBR and then be put back into the tray?


  • The bomber has to survive all fire (AA and fighter defense) before it can SBR. As far as I remember, the bomber does not defend itself against SBR fighter defense. That why you bring fighter escort in the first place.

  • Ghoul is quite right. All escorts and the bomber would be lost, and only the attackers escorts would get to fire back at the defending planes.

  • Huh? What? You bring in fighters for a SBR??? Defending fighters shoot at the attacker making the SBR??? What rules are these?

  • “Axis&Allies:Europe” - rules 🙂

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