Heavy tanks, SPA and SPGs

  • I was thinking of adopting these 3 units for my games and was thinking of the following.

    Heavy Tanks:

    Cost: 9
    Attack: 4
    Defense: 4

    Maybe normal blitz rules coudl apply to these also.


    Cost: 5
    Attack: 2
    Defense: 4

    Maybe I’ll think of a special ability for this one.


    Attack: 2
    Defense: 2

    Can support infantry like normal arty and blitz with the tanks and mech inf.
    Special ability: Bombardment, when accompanied by more artilleries and when attacking the SPA’s can fire a barrage that hits on a dice roll of 1 and units destroyed this way are imediatly removed and cannot fire in the coming combat.

    Also these units would only be purchaseable by: Uk, US, Germany and USSR and only starting at turn 4.

    Any ideas or sugestions? Anyoen think any of the units is overpowerd or underpowered?

    Edit: just one detail I forgot, these rules are meant for the AAA global game.

  • Do you think the barrage ability from the arty ids to much?

    Also i was htinking of a rule for the SPG’s to target a specific target wich must be an armored vehicle.

    Also I liked ur idea of adding them as part of a scenario thing. It would at the same time limite the numbers and still be able to move on with the game as normal.

  • http://www.skytrex.com I think I will get here saw this link on a thread here ht eother day seems pratty good and it has pretty much every vehicle in WW2.

    Also in regards to the arty that speciall attack would be like this.

    At the begining of combat if there are 2 or more SPA’s in combat they fire each one shot and hit on a roll of 1, units hit by this cannot fire back.

    But maybe this rule is to overpowered it seemed cool on paper but I dunno hehe, just seems to much and I wanted to keep the SPA cost low.

    Also I Thought up of a speciall ability for the SPG. Since it is an anti tank wep as long as it is defending you can call a specific target wich must be an armored vehicle.

    Edit: Also I was thinking of adding Heay tanks only for Germany and USSR since they where the only ones who reallky used them in the war.

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