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  • I’m looking to start an A&A game most likely using AA50A rules and a map from IL. I will have both AAP40 and AAE40 as well as 1942. The only reason I’m not going the Global route is the size of the board, I just don’t have room for it. So my questions are

    1. I have a space of about 60"x25" What is my best option map? I’m not sure which one is which size…I was thinking one of the AA50A ones.

    2. Are the AA50A rules the rules I should be using?


  • 69 views and no response? Do I need a 1000 posts to get feedback?

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    With the space requirement you have, you need something like operation  where a long narrow map will work. I do not think either Europe or pacific 40 maps is narrower than 32".

  • I am planning on printing one of IL’s maps. I’ll probably use his smaller AA50 and size it to 48x24.

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