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    Thanks, Polo.

    It appears you went with a Germany 2 blitzkrieg of Russia and that is understandable.  I was attempting to point out earlier that a round 1 all out assault on Russia didn’t seem “wise” to me, primarily because you want to kill France and weaken the British navy. (Presumably you are not doing Sea Lion so you can attack Russia - unless I am mistaken.)

    I like the idea of your Romania complex and I suppose it really is the only option, unless you want Norway, for a Major Complex in a usable location for Germany. Too bad it does not have access to the Med. (Sure, I suppose you don’t really NEED access, I just like having options.)  However, I am curious:

    Why did you buy a Major IC?  On Round 2 you went Armor and on Round 3 you went Mechanized Infantry and Armor and neither with enough quantity to over stress the Major IC in E. Germany.  Unless you just wanted to put them closer to Stalingrad?  I am unsure, since you said your attacks were all in the north, implying that you drove your tanks up through E. Poland.

  • im sorry but i dont know what your asking or implying.

  • 2018 2017 2016 '11 Moderator


    im sorry but i dont know what your asking or implying.

    Wondering what your usage was of the M-IC in Romania since you went with blitzing units.

  • it allowed me to have a sizable force in the south. for most of my games, the north is the focus of Germany, mainly because i can get units their faster. with the major ic, it allows more units to be deployed. also i believe in fast hard attacks. blitzing units are the only way to achieve this.

  • 2018 2017 2016 '11 Moderator

    So you wanted to put the blitzing units in Romania because it was one turn closer to Moscow than Berlin is?  (Getting from E. Germany to Russia takes 1 turn longer than from Romania to Russia.)

    I can see putting 10 infantry into Romania quickly would be a large boon to the Germans, but you did not say you built any infantry, thus it is I assume the purpose is to get your blitzing units one round closer to Russia.

  • I like to build a major IC in Rom too. That way, if on G2 you attack Bessarabia and W-Ukr and build 10 tanks/mech infs in Rom, you can then on G3 attack the IC in Ukraine with all the troops from Bessarabia and W-Ukr AND the 10 tanks/mechs. On G3 you build 10 tanks/mechs on Rom again, so on G4, those 10 tanks/mechs can head for Bryansk with all the guys from W-Ukr. On G5 you now have a superior attack force on Bryansk, supported by air and by the 3 tanks you built on G4 in Ukraine, and you take Moscow on G5. You can even shortcut by not taking Ukr, and take Moscow on G4.

  • TripleA

    In my current Europe game this has worked very well.  G3 just ended, Leningrad is taken, Ukraine is done next turn, and then onto Moscow.  By G5/6 Russia should be gone.

    Russia however took an offensive role rather than a full turtle.  It thinned the Germans out a lot, but not enough.

    Seems to be a very good strat for Germany as opposed to UK.

  • Liaison TripleA '11 '10

    Interesting results.

    I’ll have to try this out in my next game.

  • So how do you handle the Brits with a mostly intact navy?  I would think they are going to UK1 clear out the German navy and place TT’s and ground troops for a UK2/UK3 invasion.

    Would it be too late for the Brits and just leaving a few German INF behind to slow them down would work until you could recall from the eastern front?

  • i attacked the transports. that ensures the brits have to spend at least one turn building transports. it gives you an extra turn.

  • 2018 2017 2016 '11 Moderator

    I think the bigger issue is, how do you take out SZ 110 and SZ 111 as well as France, Normandy and Yugoslavia?  Yugoslavia isn’t the issue, but the rest are.  It would be ill-advised, IMHO, to let France go free and you really need to kill that British fighter in Normandy too, if only to weaken England enough to allow the invasion of Russia to be successful, I would think.

    Since I do not think this is statistically reliable, some attack has to go unfullfilled so leaving them with most of a Navy is pretty much all you can hope for, ya know?  I’d still go for SZ 106 with 1 submarine and SZ 91 with 2 submarines, if only because you have the submarines and round 1 is the only time the Royal Navy is exposed as it is.

  • With the Baltic strait closed, no TT and hardly any ground troops, what is the UK gonna do for the first few rounds? & the US can only land US5.

    As Germany, you need to take advantage of that timeframe by taking Moscow.

    I rather not take Yugoslavia and/or SZ 111/110 than delay barbarossa

  • @Piet:

    With the Baltic strait closed, no TT and hardly any ground troops, what is the UK gonna do for the first few rounds? & the US can only land US5.

    As Germany, you need to take advantage of that timeframe by taking Moscow.

    I rather not take Yugoslavia and/or SZ 111/110 than delay barbarossa

    I just realized that the Baltic strait is a strait so if you fortify Denmark and W.Ger they will have to land at Normandy or Holland UK3 at the soonest with US right behind.

    Sounds like if you don’t have Russia on the ropes by G4 you are going to have a very difficult time responding to the invasion.  Maybe Italy can help out here a bit

  • 2018 2017 2016 '11 Moderator

    Graunie, they could land in Denmark too.


    So you do no attacks against the Royal Navy?  Isn’t that leaving them entirely too strong?  Or are you using the fleet to sink the Russian BB and open a path to Saint Petersburg?

  • I attack Russia on G2 and on G1 attack SZ 109, 111, 112 and 91 but not SZ110. 109 and 91 with only subs looking for a lucky break

    Land 2 fighters on Rome, take Finland and Bulgaria and build major IC on Rom. I take out Normandy and take some chances against France, because Italy can also finish the job.

    I take out the Russian fleet on G2 and attack all Russian territories in range. I don’t like to make an amphibious assault on leningrad though, just a waste of ipcs on TTs to be honest.

    i have never tried the G1 attack, but i like the idea! suppose you then have to use some planes against the Russian fleet that you can not use against the UK

  • 2018 2017 2016 '11 Moderator

    I agree, I love the idea, but hesitant to attack on Germany 1.  For one major reason, there is at minimum 4 infantry, artillery, 2 fighters and a tactical bomber to counter attack Bessarabia.  I also want overwhelming firepower on France/English Naval powers to preserve German offensive abilities.

    I do agree that a Major in Romania could put overwhelming pressure on Russia, if you attack on round 2?  Perhaps I am missing a component from the round 1 attack that makes it superior.

  • buy trannies g1, invade finland, and g2 kill novgorod and surrounders

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