• I have seen numerous strategies to take London on this forum, but yet to have seen very many if at all to hold London.  Any takers here?  I mean they can buy infantry on the first turn, expecting a sealion on G2, but with the Italians getting their fleet smashed in the Med on UK1, Germany sends fighters to protect, then i doubt Germany can sink all UK’s ships on G1.  All it takes is a UK BB and DD to survive and Germany’s fleet is in jeopardy.

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    28 IPC for Round 1: 6 Infantry + 1 Artillery
    33 IPC for Round 2: 9 Infantry + 1 Armor

    Leaves you with:

    8 Infantry - Round 1
    9 Infantry - Round 2
    2 Infantry - Start
    1 Infantry - Scotland
    1 Infantry - Quebec
    1 Armor    - Quebec
    1 Armor    - Round 2
    2 Fighters - Start
    1 Fr. Fig  - Start
    1 Fighter  - Scotland
    1 Fighter  - Gibraltar
    1 Fighter  - Malta
    1 Artilry  - Round 1
    1 Fr. Inf  - Start


    22 Infantry
    2  Armor
    6  Fighters
    1  AA Gun

    Best Germany can bring:

    10 Infantry
    10 Armor
    1  Battleship Bombardment
    1  Cruiser Bombardment
    1  Strategic Bomber
    5  Fighters
    5  Tactical Bombers
    (Assumes Germany lost NO aircraft on Rounds 1 and 2.  Hard to accomplish, but worst case for England - hence why I am using it.)

    Given all that, I have:

    Germany Wins:  34.2% of the time
    England Wins:  53.4% of the time
    No One  Wins:  12.4% of the time

    Of course, it’s safe to assume Germany will lose some planes on rounds 1 and 2.  They are probably defending the Italian fleet, so that’s 1 or 2 lost.

    Then there are the attacks on SZ 110 and 111, probably lose at least one more there.  That’s 3 gone.

    And if England gets the Med Tactical out, that’s 1 more unit for England.

    That changes odds too:

    Germany Wins:  3.7% of the time
    England Wins:  87.4% of the time
    No One  Wins:  8.9% of the time.

    Thus, if Germany is ultra conservative, there is only a 1 in 3 chance of them taking London against a 100% home guard build by London.

    If Germany acts normally, there is virtually no way to take London if England builds everything at home.

    Problem is, you cannot defend Africa very well this way.

  • How does the fighter in Malta get too London in time, is it not attacking with the UK fleet on Italy

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    You give up the Mediteranean to Italy, so as to hold London.

    But it’s a GOOD trade.  Just peel your Navy east, and focus all efforts on holding the Middle east,  Continental Africa is a side show.  And that said you have a factory in SAF anyways.

  • You’re counting an armor and an infantry from Quebec, but there is no way the UK should have a way to transport them to England on UK1.  Germany should sink the transport and destroyer in that sea zone G1.

  • Or idk what strategy you are basing this on, so maybe Germany uses those subs in a naval battle, I can see that.  But eitehr way I think G3 Sea Lion is best becuase Germany has a 71 IPC’s to spend G2.

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    How does the fighter in Malta get too London in time, is it not attacking with the UK fleet on Italy

    You have two rounds to move a fighter from Malta to England.  That’s only 7 Territories, realistically 8 (since you have to land enroute) but that is perfectly within the limits.

    Yes, I count the Inf, Arm in Quebec because its the worst case for Germany.  I always judge from worst case scenarios for an overall opinion. When playing a game, I look at realistic and worst case, but this isnt a real game, its a theoretical one.

    Anyway, one could run the odds without the inf, arm from Quebec to see what would happen.  I doubt it would be much different, but it may be, it’s 2 units that you can lose and 5 defensive punch, so it may shift things 7% (just a mental guess).

    And yes, you give up the Med to Italy, but you keep London so you can continue to fight.  Right or wrong move, I don’t know.  All I know is if England doesn’t go “balls to the walls” defending England on round 1, I assume it will fall on Germany 3, in which case, I use Japan 1 to cripple the American fleet, sink the British transport and stage an invasion of Australia to press the advantage.

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