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Unescorted Transport Question - QUICK ANSWER PLEASE!

  • Unescorted Transport in seazone.  Can one ship stop and destroy transport and rest of the ships pass through the seazone on same turn?

    Quick answer please!!!

  • Official Answers


  • Only in Non-Combat correct?  Or can one ship stop there and sink the transport and the others continue on to other combat?

  • during combat move

  • Kevin was succinct, but to elaborate if I understand properly:

    Transports by themselves, never block enemy movements. This means yes, you can have one ship move into the transport sea zone during combat moves and send other ships through that zone to other zones during combat moves. Or you can ignore the transport and move through it during non combat moves.

    Remember, killing a transport is a naval battle in that zone. This will prevent any coastal bombardments from that zone as a naval battle existed.



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