What rules or options make the game FAIR?

  • I was just wandering since many of you all have

    suggested different rules which you thought the fairest

    to be. I personally don’t agree with Russia restricted.

    Also I usually give Germany jet power and Japan super

    subs. 2nd edition rules usually seem to be the best

    for " equal rights " in the game. What is your opinion?

  • the game isnt suppose to be fair.

  • it all depends on the players, some people never play axis, some never play allies, thats why bidding is my favourite.

  • Russia Restricted or a Bid.

    Problem with Jet Power and Super Subs is neither side benifits from them a lot. Now, if you gave Germany Super Subs and Japan Jet power things could get interesting.

  • jet power for germany benefits them quite a lot, more then japanese i think. Since jet power increases defence, i barely see any japanese fighters defend a territory, they are usually on the attack, whereas german fighters in western and eastern europe are for the most part of the game on defence. Long range aircraft would benefit the Japanese a bit more :smile:

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  • I agree on the Russia restricted issue, king tiger. I believe it’s unneccisary and sometimes fatal for the Russians. I’ve only ever seen the 2nd edition rules so I don’t really know what the others are like.

  • Restricted Russia.
    Japan supersubs.
    Germany jet power.
    Restricted heavy bombers.
    2 hit battleships.

  • early in the game, Japan Benifits a lot. Jet power means more Indian tanks destroyed each time they attack. Mainly because the lack of Japaneese infantry early.

  • finally some one speaks out against russia restricted . i don’t like it ethir

  • oh something else about axis advantage…
    the super subs for japan are kinda funny. Cause Japan only starts with 1 submarine, which will most likely be destroyed after hawaii. And the rest of the game Japan wont buy any subs :smile:

    Very very very small advantage there :smile:

  • '10

    Yes, but since Japan and Germany already have one tech each they have the advantage when rolling for tech since now it will be easier for them to get industrial tech or heavy bombers.

  • '19 Moderator

    True, I hadn’t thought of it that way.

  • I do not believe in Heavy Bombers, in my view that throws the game way too far outta wack! I heard somewhere on this board a Heavy Bomber modified rule…can’t remember though.

  • If one has enough cash to spend it on a dozen bombers the games sounds over. I mean if one can buy enough dice to get heavy bombers and then spend the dough for that many bombers the war is pretty well won. It seems like an huge advantage but if a country like Germany that can’t really afford new bombers gets heavy bombers it’s a delightful bonus that shortens battles a little bit.

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  • Do you guys actually waste your money rolling for industrial technology? I’ve found that my lucky is pretty shabby when it comes to that and I spend a minimum of twenty Ipcs just to get A industrial tech, let alone the one i want! Spend your money on actualy troops and you’ll go a lot further

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