Anyone played (just) A&AE40 with alpha2 yet?

  • We played Europe Aplha 2 once. Unfortunately I had to concede after round 1 already. I’d forgotten about the changed scrambling rules and therefore committed to few German planes to attacking the British fleets. When he deployed 4 fighters my planes got massacred. Also, in the Northernmost sea zone (where the British BB lies), I did commit enough forces, but managed to roll two consecutive turns with just a single hit! Those planes also got massacred, so I basically lost 80% of the Luftwaffe. The Italians fared little better: The British concentrated their fleet off of Gibraltar (All the ships from Egypt, the surviving ones near the UK and the one that is already there). The Italians then attacked the french fleet and although they destroyed it, also lost two aircraft. I didn’t use any ships as those would have been destroyed on Britain’s next turn. The Italians also attacked Egypt, but they also rolled horribly and without the figter support (used against French fleet) they also had too little punch. I should have waited one or two more turn before attacking Egypt in hindsight. Anyway, after this I just surrendered (I had bought a destroyer, Aircraft carrier and a sub for Germany, so a succesful attack on Russia in the near future wasn’t an option either.). On the first couple of turns the axis should get rolling and take the initiative, but they had already been forced onto the defensive so no need to continue.

    However, we do feel that Alpha 2, also for Europe only, is a huge improvement! There are many more options open and decisions to make on turn 1 for all of the players!

  • @Koningstiger:


    We played 3 games of AAE40 with alpha +.2, all won by the Axis.

    As far as we could tell, the Allies didn’t make any major or minor mistakes, maybe they were just overly cautious.  Russia just turtled, built only infantry.

    There you go. You went and mentioned the mistake yourself: As Russia NEVER build ONLY infantry! You need to be able to make counter-attacks. the best way to do this is buy planes along with your infantry and possibly some artillery. Though not very historical, don’t invest too much money in tanks. You will probably lose them when the germans counter-attack, while the planes will give you the punch you need and afterwards you can (even MUST) withdraw them to safety. Alternatively, buy tanks but don’t continue attacking till you’ve taken the territory. Retreat before that, but make sure you’ve killed off enough German/Axis infantry. This way any German counter-attack will likely lack infantry support and cost him tanks and artillery.

    OK, my original thought was that turtling only with infantry is the best solution.  The reason being that infantry is the best defensive bang for the buck, so to speak.  For 30 IPCs you can get 10 infantry, 20 defensive points.  For the same IPCs you can get 3 fighters, that’s 12 defensive points.  Wouldn’t you want the most defensive points?  Also, wouldn’t you also want more fodder for the German tanks?

  • @Antonescu:

    OK, my original thought was that turtling only with infantry is the best solution.  The reason being that infantry is the best defensive bang for the buck, so to speak.  For 30 IPCs you can get 10 infantry, 20 defensive points.  For the same IPCs you can get 3 fighters, that’s 12 defensive points.  Wouldn’t you want the most defensive points?  Also, wouldn’t you also want more fodder for the German tanks?

    Nothing you’re saying is wrong, but there is a huge flaw in your logic - it starts with a 3 and ends with a 0.

    Yes, Russia can turtle, and for those first couple turns it can indeed pump out an impressive stack of infantry.  But as Germany starts to gobble up territory that Russia has left more or less open, Russia’s 30 ipc build starts to shrink rapidly, while Germany is building way way way over 30.  That disparity eventually leaves Russia producing simply too little to hold against Germany once Russia’s periphery isn’t giving them income.

    Russia must make counterattacks, at least occassionally, to keep its economy up (or attack and make tactical retreats to make sure Germany loses spendy units when they try to capture territory) - at least long enough for the other Allies to position yourself.  If Russia makes it too easy for Germany to capture its territory Russia will be starved too quickly before the Allies can truly threaten the atlantic wall.

  • '10

    Hmm, shoulda read through this before I played A+2 Europe last night.

    We went with a mix of different N.O., giving Italy the North Africa and Oil N.O., putting 2 inf in Novosibirsk instead of 9 extra IPCs, and giving America the full bonus 30.  Seemed pretty close to balanced, but we’ll try it with the recommended changes next time.

    My Germans went Barbarossa round one, so no comment on Sea Lion.


    As promised a complete list of alpha +.2 for europe only 🙂 Feel free to post any errors i may have made 🙂

  • '11


    What a waste of time.

    It’s GLOBAL or go home.

    Sometimes there is not enough time to play Global. There is nothing wrong with running a game of just Europe or Pacific. I personally prefer the European theater over the Pacific. As long as you get to play a game of A&A, life is good.

    As for Alpha2, I can’t wait to try it myself. My gaming group has yet to play that setup, but should prove to be a lot of fun.

  • Heya all

    Me and my friends have been playing Europe quite a bit lately, both the OOB, A1,A1+ and now A2 (almost correct settings in the first games) all in all A2 rules supreme…

    First of all A2 gives alot more options for all players… to many ways to describe them all…

    How ever in A2, against even skilled players, i have yet to see a Sealion even remotely possible…And by possible i mean not loosing 2/3 + of luftwaffe while doing it.
    And i was wondering if I, as axis player was doing something completely wrong or its just the allied players that are too good…

    I dl’ed a  combat simulator from soemwhere on this page and ran a series of simulation of sealion turn 2 and 3, none of them looked tempting, and i dare say its hard not to se a sealion coming as UK when germany goes beyond total of 3 transporters…

    but iam thinking of going subs G1 in order to sack the eco of UK and then go transporters and units on G2 for a sealion G3, that way UK “might” not go all in on units for England 1st round…

    any1 got any better ideas?

  • I’ve seen one succesful Sealion attempt in 6 games, and that happened because the british player made some mistakes and made it easy to make the attack, even though the thread was quite clear. Even though it was a succes, the Luftwaffe was hit hard. It might be doable even if the british player will see the threat, but the cost will become too high and the russian front will suffer a lack of reinforcements I think.

    I’ve got another question. My friends and I noticed, that after playing several games with OOB or Alpha+2 rules, the Allies will win if they make no huge mistakes. So far only 2 times the Axis won. The first time it happened due to the above mistake, the second the same player outmanouvered himself with his russian troops and the germans could reach Moscow. Both actions could have been preventend and even with those mistakes, the USA never could unleash its real power because the alliance called it a game…as Axis player i didnt mind but I think even with the loss of Moscow or London the Allies have a fair chance to get back.

    Do you use any kind of rules to balance the game a bit more (we are gonna try the +2 inf for russia instead of +9 ipc’s, maybe use the OOB turn order)? Since we think the Axis, with a small mistake or some bad rolls against france or the british fleet, are doomed to loose over and over, while the power of britain and russia alone is enough to hold the Axis off. We arent the most experienced players and maybe we need to learn more…

  • just a small question, does the UK get 28 ipcs? or 29? and if they get only 28, can i build a factory in western india? because supposedly that is on the pacific map.

  • Liaison TripleA '11 '10

    In stand alone Europe they get 29 IPC’s.

    And yes they can build in West India.

    The confusion comes in Global…. where British Columbia’s income is switched with West India’s income, for the purpose of realism/gameplay.

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