Tactical battleboard?

  • Hey everyone! More of a lurker here. I think I post about once a year on average. lol

    I read in FMG’s review of singapore 42, that it incorporates a “tactical battle system”.
    Anyone have any experience with this? It sounds intriguing and I was wondering if something similar could be used in A&A.
    Something that wouldn’t take too much longer than dice rolling large battles.

    I love the tactical games, and salivate at the thought of adding that aspect to the larger strategic games.
    Though you can’t really incorporate it on the map, or in the movement mechanics without breaking the game.

    So, the battleboard? I suppose it would be a mini-game within a game.
    I realize it will make the game significantly longer. But hopefully, something reasonable can be managed. And if it adds a layer of fun to the game, who cares?

    FMG; care to elaborate on the singapore 42 system?


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    Peter Perla discusses these kinds of “hybrid” gaming systems (strategic-operational games and operational-tactical games) in his book The Art of Wargaming.  Basically, they involve combining high-level decision-making with low-level combat resolution.

    Perla says that the potential problem with hybrid military games is that the player runs the risk of falling between two chairs.  A good strategic player may fight all the right battles, but may lose the war anyway because he’s not skillful at the mechanics of detailed combat for each battle.  A good tactical player might win all his battles, but might lose the war anyway because he lacks an overall strategic plan.

  • In other words you’ve go the Commander in Chief on one end and the “humble” General on the other. Either play with two people per country or make sure your good at both. I think if you can do good in one you should be sufficent in the other.

  • We use Memoir 44 as a companion piece to A&A. Whenever there is a battle that we would like to play out at the tactical level, we use M44. Some minor tweaks had to be made to make it work though.

    Also, we use a system where you can promote successful units with a M44 badge on the A&A board. In the A&A setting, it only gives the unit the ability to absorb an extra hit, signifying it’s elite. On the M44 board though, it is used in the same way as the badges are used in that game, i.e. Marines, Paratroopers, Snipers, etc.

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