• Edit: I got my answer, maybe I will post a revised thread later. I’m gonna lock the post now.

    I noticed everyone is talking about how germany and italy are disadvantaged in this game, so I looked at the setup map (I don’t have the game 😞 ) to try to think up a g1 strategy that can even the odds a little.

    This is is an insanely risky move because you could lose your entire luftwaffe and most of your atlantic navy, but if the dice are on your side, you could eliminate britain’s european income before they can do a single thing about it.

    (note: this plan relies on a tank being able to unload and offload from a transport in the same turn. Please tell me if you cant do this in E40, because you can in Spring 1942)

    Purchase: Units to fight Russia! you already have all the pieces you need on the board already!

    Combat phase: This is composed of several battles that will eliminate the navy in the english channel and the entrance to the Baltic Sea, eventually clearing the way for an amphibious assault.
    1. Destroy the Brittish and French cruisers at the entrance to the Baltic. This will be done with the battleship from sz113, The bomber in germany, and the sub in 124. Do not take the cruiser. You will need it for the amphibious assault.
    2. Send 2 fighters and 2 tactical bombers to attack Britain. The goal of this is both to weaken the UK player’s ground forces, and to keep as many aircraft as possible from scrambling.
    3. Attack the destroyer/battleship fleet in the English channel with an amphibious assault. Use the 3 subs that are in range, plus the cruiser and transport in the baltic (after you load a tank and an artillery, of course) and any remaining aircraft (you should have 1 fighter and 1 tactical bomber in range who have not yet fought). If you destroy the fleet, bombard and invade britain. If you won all these battles, you are now the proud owner of 29 more IPCs. Get ready to fight the US and Russia!
    4. Use any other units to kill France.

    Strategic implications
    Now Italy doesn’t have to worry about south Africa anymore, and you can spend more resources on Russia and less on Britain.

    P.s. Can a tank and mech inf be on a transport at the same time? If so, use that instead of just the tank

    P.p.s. Feel free to use the planes and subs in whatever combination you want. I think most of them are capable of reaching any of the battles.

  • all combat moves are simultaneous.  They all need to be set up, and then they all resolve themselves only when all set up, in any order but effectively “at the same time”.  You cannot attack SZ 112, eliminate the ships, and move the german navy from sz 113 through to amphibiously assault the UK from sz110 on the same turn.  This has also been a rule since the advent of the original game, so if you’ve been allowing single turn can openers of this manner…  well, you’ve been cheatin’!

  • Well, that changes things 😛 it could still probs be done in about 2 turns, most of which could be done in the first move anyway. I’m pretty new to A&A in general, so thanks for the heads-up. Btw, I don’t think I’ve ever made moves like this, but if I have, I sure won’t anymore

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