• Just forgot to add I have claimed the 2nd battle of el alamein and I will also claim the battle of corregidor

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    We could make a battle of the Atlantic where the Allied navy fights the German navy while trying to move as many convoys through the Atlantic and destroying German U-Boats

    For an Express game, I’d recommend focussing on a specific convoy battle, like Convoy ONS 5 (http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Convoy_ONS_5), in order to keep the size manageable.  The Battle of the Atlantic as a whole lasted from September 1939 to May 1945 (it was the longest campaign of the Second World War), so it would be too big for Express.

  • As the originator of this idea…

    I have strong reservations as to “claiming” battles. The A&A community has always had expansions/house rules that overlap (see how many 1939 games there are). Go ahead and make as many games as you want, but know that you really have no claim to exclusivity, and that others will probably use your maps/rules to make better or different games.

    Just a thought.

  • No were just deciding who will make what game for our own series. So that way Sun Tzu doesnt make exporter and I dont make winter war. I dont care of someone makes thier own version of exprter. And if its better “Hey! All the more reason to make it!”

  • Understood - that makes perfect sense now 🙂

  • So hows it coming along?

  • Hey everyone I just wanted to announce (okay I know I change my mind alot) that I’m NOT going to do China. However I will do Market Garden and Exporter. If nobody is doing  the Philipines or Berlin I’ll take them. Also I’ve noticed nobody posts here that often? Is the operation dead or what? Come on lets get this blitzkrieg moving!

  • Sorry I have not been posting more I have been really busy with school lately but summer is only like a month away and then I will hopefully have the time to finish all my games

  • Ya to be honest I’m only on cause its the weekend and track seasons over  😄

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