You will become one with Mother Russia, Da?

  • Well this has been a strange evening.

    Just stopped part way through a game of global and it has definitely been the most surreal game of A&A I’ve ever taken part in. We were six players broken up into the recommended divisions, with me playing as Japan; we are playing the vanilla version of the game.

    To cut a long story short Germany and Italy both made a LOT of mistakes, in addition they both had extremely bad dice roles for the whole game, both of them are now defeated and playing Black Ops, while occasionally coming back to look at the lunacy on the board.

    Basically what happened was that the USA completely ignored the Pacific allowing me as Japan to take over literally everything except Hawaii, Soviet Territories, West India. The USA concentrated on Europe.

    The USSR meanwhile was able to effectively counter the Germans and made it all the way to Berlin. This is when Germany and Italy gave up, all the German territories were occupied and all his units dead, Italy had only N. Italy and S. Italy left. I decided to keep going for a while since I was a bit of a super power.

    Then things got interesting, the USSR DECLARED WAR on the Western Allies. Now I know that this is not how the game is meant to work obviously, but we decided to play on regardless and deal with any rule problems in the most common sense way we could.

    Needless to say the UK, and US forces in Western Europe were caught completely by surprise and were quickly destroyed, the Soviet player then attacked all the Neutrals he could, even the worthless ones like Mongolia, because quote: ‘All must become one with Mother Russia’  He also invaded Africa…successfully.

    So now the situation is that we have Japan in control of China, South East Asia, and almost all the Pacific islands, up to West India. The USSR controls all its territory and Europe and Africa. The UK controls Canada, the British Isles and South America. The USA controls all its original territory minus the Philippines.

    Anyone else seen anything so ridiculous in this game before?

    I do not want to become one with Russia……

  • Liaison TripleA '11 '10

    Make an Alliance with the Americans - to beat back the red horde.

    Invade Russia through the far east,  and use your factories and production in India to wade into the middle east.

    Make sure you use your navy to seal the mediteranean,  and take africa for yourself, or the U.K. if London is still under allied control.

    Have America focus on landings in France and Norway.

    You can’t let the red horde beat you!

  • America no want to be allies  😢

    USSR keeps making comments like ‘I must break you’, ‘Continental Soviet Union is my destiny’

    Maybe Japan should invade America……

  • Liaison TripleA '11 '10

    Just fight the Russians.  It doesn’t matter if america wins.

    Russia is GARBAGE.  The Red horde must be defeated. Throw everything you have at them.

    America will let you build cars after…

  • Communism.

  • Liberate Germany and Italy, find Mussolini and Hitler in their underground shelters and put them back in power, Order them around, Squeeze Russia from the west mostly from the east, watch as America and UK decide what to do, eat rice.

  • Liaison TripleA '11 '10

    Rice is your POWER.

  • ^ +1

  • '20 '19 '18 '16 '15 '11 '10

    Yes, yes. Make a non-aggression pact with Uncle Joe, invade the imperialist west and liberate the Japanese internees.

    Oh, and I wouldn’t get too comfortable in China.

  • '10

    If this was the case I would not declare war on USSR as Japan.  You would be locked in a “Land War in Asia” While the western powers sit back and laugh at both of you from relative safety.

    Very interesting to see how the game played out from WW2 to WW3!

  • Liaison TripleA '11 '10

    There is NO EXCUSE!  Send in more men and planes and BOMBS.  Sit for nothing, unless you want to be a SLAVE.

    You MUST declare VICTORY over your enemies! And SMITE them!

    MAJOR in KOREA  The U.S. To annex Canada!

    ANZAC to Africa!

    The red beast will fall!

  • Customizer

    It sounds like this became a three-way war:  USSR vs US & UK vs Japan.  I assume that the US and UK were still at war with Japan in the Pacific?

    I played a game a while back that was kind of similar.  Basically, Japan never went to war with USA or UK but just attacked China and Russia.  On the other side, Germany and Italy never attacked Russia and only fought with USA and UK.  Well, Germany and Italy ended up getting pounded into the dust.  Japan actually made good progress capturing all of China and getting close to taking Moscow.  One reason for this is most of Russia’s heavy stuff was up against the German border and it took time to get it all east to face the Japanese.  Once Japan got through that 18 infantry, there wasn’t much to stop them from making quick progress.  Once US and UK got finished with Germany and Italy, they decided to side with Japan and declared war on Russia to rid the world of Communism.  Once that happened, Russia fell pretty quickly.  The large US and UK forces that were already in Europe just leap-frogged each other taking Soviet territories and closing in on Moscow from the west while Japan closed in from the east with their massive air force.
    One strange thing was here Japan had this huge and powerful navy which was basically useless.  All those ships ended up clustered in SZ 6 and just rusted away from inaction.

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