• I have done maybe 65+ games in the last 1 1/2 months of revised testing out diff shuck shucks.  I have come to realize that playing against expert axis players there is no way to do a constan shuck shuck without switching it up at some point during the game.  Here is what I mean:  
    1)I tried shuck shucks with US(eastern canada) and UK down to algeria(op:torch) and just kept moving troops down to africa each turn with both.  As many as I could then brought them across africa.
    2)I tried the same shuck shuck with US taking troops of Libya and into caucus while UK still drops to algeria and comes across.  
    3)I have tried US from E. canada to algeria, across africa and UK to norway/kar/arch
    4)US(e. canada) to algeria then to libya them shuck to caucus
    5)US(e. canada) to WE and UK to WE
    6)US (e.canada) shuck to UK then shuck to norway/kar/arch/E.Europe with UK going same place

    Pretty much i have tried all combinatuions and those in between.  Here was the thing I was doing with those shucks.  I was sticking with the the “lines of logistics” even if there was an opening, like say germany left souther europe open or WE open when I was doing the down the africa shuck.  It was juat to see how each would play out doing the same feeding of troops non-stop.   This was roughly 5 games per shuck strategy…some a few more some a few less.  Mostly against good-expert players on triple A.  A few were not to good but thats why I did multiple test runs with each shuck strat.  I have finally come to the conclusion that no constant shuck works with a 65% or higher win rate…  To increase my win rate with any shuck strat(just to reiterate by shuck strat I mean US and UK dropping some place or placesnor/kar/arch) I need to switch up the main drop point sometimne during the game.  So lets say after securing africa and dropping some troops on nor/arch/kar you have to then start dropping into…lets say WE as an example.  That seems to have the best odds for winning.  The reason I tried this was to see just how and if it worked just by dropping max troops someplace and bringing them in9example: all 12 troops US to africa or 5 troops and 5 tanks then across africa and just keep doing that and see if thats enough to stop japan at perisa and get to causus while dropping max amount of troops from UK on nor/kar/arch or doing shuck from e. canada to norway and same with UK and just keep doing that the whole game.

    Not sure if this makes any sense or not.  I caught a lot of flak while testing these from watchers and players who would see me skip an opportunity wide open just to stick with the shuck strat I was testing at the time.  Heck may have been like 80+ games even.

    I wrote down al my wins and losses and calculated win rates with almost all games on Low luck and with germnay 9 bid(or germany 8 jap 1
    Okay so is there a shuck that I can keep flooding troops into that has a higher than 60% win rate when playing against a good/expert players?  The highest win rates I get are when i don’t concentrate troops but spread them out(UK and US only not russia)
    Does any of this make any sense to anyone cause it’s 5 a.m. here been up all night.

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    It is generally considered that the Axis need a bid of 7 to 9 IPC to balance a revised game.  That means starting cash or starting units in any originally controlled territory of the nation you are splitting the bid too.

    Example:  +3 Infantry in W. Russia or +1 Transport in SZ 60 and 1 IPC for Germany, etc.

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    You gotta be happy with a 65% win rate if you are playing experts.  I’d be overjoyed if I discovered an allied strategy that worked 65% against the toughest opposition.  But there is no such strategy available…otherwise the bid would go up.

    As for the optimal shuck, it’s contingent on what the Axis player is doing.  Like whether UK drops troops primarily in SZ4 or SZ5 or SZ7–that is game dependent.  It sounds like you are playing KGF and in KGF it’s all about pressuring Germany and opening up opportunities–you strike wherever Germany is weak.  When it comes to knowing when and how to strike, there’s no substitute for experience.

  • You are right, Zukov.  There is no perfect shuck where you can drop(shuck-shuck) to justy one place the whole game.  I was looking to see if it was that simple but it’s not.  It requires you to know when to switch.  Of course it’s obvious on certian shucks when to do that but the key is to know when to focus eveything you have on germany and try to take the capital before they can take Moscow.  I know when I am playing a decent player or an expert player by the moves they make.  If playing an expert player chances are you will be taking Germany about the same time as they will be taking Moscow.  You just have to be able to take Germany the round before, the round of, or hopefully by the round after they take Moscow and even that might be tricky(round after taking germany) depending on how many outlying territories Japan has taken during the course of the game(australia, africa?, maybe even Brazil).

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    Closest to a perfect shuck, IMHO, would be America iwth 8 Transports, putting 8 ground units a round into wherever it is shucking too.  Gives you enough cash to augment for extra units to repell Japan, stronger units or the occasional warship/plane.

  • I play Revised a lot online and am 90-25 against int/adv/expert competition.  I bid 8G to open and 6G if they go to 7G.  If you are playing the game straight up, the Allies will always have the advantage.  And, do not place the bid in W-Russia as someone suggested.  They would be crushed.  Place your bid in Ukraine of Libya for best use.

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