• Hi…

    We are re-gathering for a game of AA50 and I was refreshing the rules b4 our group plays, and came upon this question to ask in the rules.

    On PG 26 for IC, at the bottom of the IC section the paragraph says:

    *You cannot place your new units at an IC owned by friendly power ( understand ),

    unless that powers capital is in enemy hands. Even if you liberate a territory with an IC in it, you cannot use the complex; the original controller can use it on his/her next turn*

    I read it if unless that power capital is in enemy hands then if the German player captures Moscow, it gets the use of the IC on next turn ( if still owns it and not re taken by Allies ), also Allies can place new units in Moscow, because it’s now in enemy hands.

    Has this come up in the fourm before…?

    Thanks, sala

  • Here’s the scenario…

    Germany captures Moscow.  As a result Russia has NO income and no ability to produce units.
    The US comes along and re-takes karelia with it’s IC.  On it’s next turn the US can now build units in Karelia as Moscow (Russias Capital) is under enemy control.

    The US and UK could not build in Moscow because neither of them control it (and even if they did liberate it, they couldnt because it would be for Russias use again).

  • Okay,

    That makes sence and what we had been playing in the past, the rules in print makes it seem a more confusing than it is…


  • so true

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