• Can the Soviet Union ‘activate’ Persia before being at war with Germany?

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    Yes, but only if it’s at war with Italy.

  • Although Krieghund’s word is the law of the land, I’ve always played they could activate Persia under my house rules.  The USSR had exhibited an expansionist foreign policy, invading both Poland and Finland prior to the German invasion.  If the game were to be truly historically accurate, the USSR should not be allowed to invade Japan or leave Soviet territories in any direction other than into Europe.  However, the game is meant to slightly change history, and I think its within the realm of reason that the USSR could have expanded into that region if they hadn’t been invaded by Germany.  And later they did invade Afghanistan in the 1980’s.

  • What if it is at war with Japan and not Germany or Italy?

    Does the country need to be ‘at-war’ on the applicable half of the board to count as an appropriate ally/axis power? (part of the Pacific Neutral vs Atlantic Neutral rules)


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    Due to its unique relationship with the Axis powers, the Soviet Union must be at war on the applicable half of the board.  No other power faces this restriction.

  • OOB or alphas?

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    Both, per the official rules clarifications posted last week.

  • So, what your saying is that Russia can declare war on Italy and not Germany.  In doing so, it can then go into Persia.  What does this do for the “at war” NO’s?

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    So, what your saying is that Russia can declare war on Italy and not Germany.

    Yes, on turn 4 or later.


    In doing so, it can then go into Persia.



    What does this do for the “at war” NO’s?

    It enables the Europe-based ones.  Of course, the USSR can’t take German territories unless it’s at war with Germany.

  • Liaison TripleA '11 '10

    If Italy declares war on Russia Italy 1,  is Russia then FREE to declare war on Germany on Russia 2?  I don’t see it covered in the rules.

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    Page 33: “The Soviet Union may not declare war on any European Axis power before turn 4 unless first declared war upon by a European Axis power.”  (Italics are mine.)

    Italy’s declaration of war upon the USSR allows the USSR to declare war on Germany.

  • Ah!  OK.  That’s what I thought.  I didn’t think they could prior to turn 4.

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