Metal Etched A&A Revised Map

  • Hi Everyone,

    Quick question - I won a metal etched A&A revised map at Gencon in 2005.  These are the ones that Hasbro created for the launch of the game and Greg was giving them as awards that year.  I’m curious what the value of the map is for insurance purposes, but given the one of a kind nature of the map, I was wondering if anyone has heard of one being sold and what it sold for.

    Thanks in Advance!

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    Probably worth about $100.

    If you want to sell let us know.

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    Did you try doing a closed auctions search on Ebay?

    For the most part though the folks who end up with those things in the first place are ones who’d keep them. As opposed to a lot of the other types of convention exclusive items that will end up in the hands of resellers in the first place.

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