• Modifications to ALPHA +1

    minor IC manchuria and korea (puppet states)

    War changes.

    USA and Russia enter the war when UK is taken over.

    D-day. while usa is at war:
    America produces a transport and 2 inf  on West usa
    America produces a transport and 2 inf  on east usa

    National objective changes.

    USA same except +5 (instead of +15 or +30).

    Germany +5 Norway/Finland/Denmark
    Germany +5 where the russian starting ICs are.
    Germany +1 for each russian and french territory occupied (schiffler plan)
    Germany +5 germany/west germany/poland/east poland/czech (ownin yer own sh*t)
    Germany +5 for UK.

    Russia +10 no allied help + archangel
    Russia +5 for occupying any german territory

    Japan same, except add:
    +5 for owning the 6 out of 7 east russian states (the dream of the Japanese Army).


    Naval unit rule changes.

    Units repair at the end of YOUR turn. No longer requires naval base.
    Land unit modifications
    Mechanized infantry no longer require armor escorts.

    unit placement changes.

    add 2 ANZAC inf to south whales

    add 2 inf to japan

    -aa gun off east russian area. add 1 armor.

  • TripleA

    USA effectively gets +31. albeit split on two sides. Japan and Germany can potentially make a bit more money. Especially with those two ICs to make haste and the mechanized infantry rule changes (which in practice usually benefits Japan).

    The race is on! More action less turtling.

    May have to minus one of the added ICs to japan.

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