This game is completely unbalanced!!!!

  • :evil:

    I was shocked to find that this game is sickly unbalanced. It is sad, had a lot of posibilities. I like the idea of convoys and artilery pieces, however, without Japan, it seems that the axis(or should I say Germany) is well over matched. The german’s are forced to make a choice, sea or land. They simply can’t split ipc production to both because they will then lose the whole thing in the 3-4 rounds.

    Without Japan the allies are not distracted by Japan on other fronts and can focus solely on Germany. The destroyers are a nice touch, but take away the only advantage that they had, subs!

    From reading these forums, I get a sense that I may be the only one who feels this way. Please enlighten me, please!!!


  • I think those are valid concerns Ron. At the same time, there are others who would vehemently argue that Germany is too powerful at the outset of the game, and can easily have its way with the allies from the beginning.
    The trick is to deplete the allies income as fast as possible at the beginning. This involves hitting Russia fast and hard, killing convoy zones, and working your way east in Africa. Defense is as important early on, as robbing your opponants of their income.
    I enjoy playing Germany, actually. It is a challenge, but one that can ultimately be quite satisfying. Also there are so many times when a battle might have gone either way to seal the fate of Germany OR the allies - it was that close.
    Maybe re-evaluate your strategy as the Germans, and read some of the differing posts in this forum as some will yell “it’s not FAIR - Germany is TOO powerful”.

  • Actually the opposite is true!

    This is why in the clubs, you bid for allies, meaning that the allies get additional money (not just 12)
    Other than that, germany can stack russia. Basically what this means, is that for the first 3-4 turns, germany builds only infantry and artillary. After that, armor. The infantry move toward moscow, and the armor catch up (you can get 2 armor builds) This way you will have 40-50 infantry, 10-20 artillary, and 20-30 armor plus air to hit it. Because of the superior production of germany, russia will be unable to defend without the other allies’ help.

    I’m not all that experienced, this is just a simple example of a 6 turn stack, there are more complex ones like 10 turns and stuff. Also it helps to take out all of the british fleet turn one, and take as many convoys as possible, without destroyers, their air can’t hurt your subs, that way britain will not have full production for at least 4 turns.

  • The key is without destroyers. An experienced player with the UK and US should know that the most powerful tool in their tool box is the destroyer. For only 12 IPC (US can make 3 per turn, though I prefer 2 destroyers and a transport), the US alone can clean all convoy areas in 2-3 turns and obliterate the german subs.

    Removing the UK navy in turn one is very challanging. It can be done with large sacrifices and luck from the dice.

    The game is balanced more so than I thought, however, the German player really can’t make one mistake, or it’s over.


  • Ron, I think you will find after a time that Germany actually has the advantage. If they ingore every other threater, except Russia, they can have it before the US or UK can really do much about it. Its not, of course, a guarantee, but the favor is Germany’s so much so that other websites use a bid for the Allies.

  • Ron, you must not be using the right strategy with Germany. They are at an advantage and should win the game in about 6-8 turns. Barrinbg of course, a very talented Russian player who has the dice on his side. Here is one tidbit of advice, take Lenningrad and viborg on the first turn this will delay the russians from using allied planes as their own until at least the third round. Wondering how to take Lenningrad, Build a trannie with your first twelve ipcs. Attack with two infantry and two artillery, plus air support. with a little luck you can take it, even if the ruassians stack extra infantry there.


    If you ignore ever other theater, you are asking for D-day. US & UK can make a significant surge at France in only a few turns. To do what you are suggesting, it would not take long at all to lose France (two turns).

    Someone here posted a remarkable strategy for Germany that focuses on the UK. It works! However, only once. It isn’t fool proof.

    I must admit, I haven’t tired the Lenningrad idea. I will try it. I am not sure how that can do much good. I don’t think the Germans can hold it too long.

  • well, as germany, you can destroy all the uk has, and still have 6 subs left easily. This will delay the allies from landing for a few turns. Also, so what if they take france on turn 4 or so, d-day isn’t much of a threat to germany unless the usa has 9 transports or so. Also, you said that the allies best choice is destroyers, i disagree. I think a few destroyers (1-2), so air can hit, but mainly subs to clear convoys. Subs are cheaper, and better. Then again, i don’t usually try to take germany with massive forces as allies, i’d rather defend moscow.

  • @ronhomo:

    I must admit, I haven’t tired the Lenningrad idea. I will try it. I am not sure how that can do much good. I don’t think the Germans can hold it too long.

    The Germans may not be able to hold Leningrad for more than I turn or so, but it does impead that Allies support to Russia and it frustrates the hell out of the Russians (I should know, I’ve had to play them too many times). By taking away the only IC that is that close to the front, whatever reinforcements the Russians bought will take an extra turn or two which can be the difference between the Germans breaking through or the front holding.

  • The game is actually very well balanced both ways. Screw the bids. I’ll show you how too win both ways!!!

  • If Germany wants to win, they have to play fast. England and America are not strong enough to attack germany in the beginning. If you play Germany, move your southern army forces towards Russia, this will give you the extra strength to attack Russia’s outside corridor. Let your northern army stay in the north. To defend yourself against England. You can also use these troops to counterattack on a possible Englisch invasion army from the south. America is to weak to attack the first 3-4 rounds. Germany must slay Russia in the first 4 turns. If you succeed, you will win!!

    A little extra: play a defensive strategy on sea. Keep you sea crew alive, so you don’t have to buy new ships wenn you want to get to England to take it, after you’ve taken russia!!

    gr. Sneppie from Holland

  • Hi all,

    I would also agree that the the Allies have to work quite hard to keep Germany down.

    1. The US has very little units and can only in turn 2 do direct damage on germany with fighters.

    2. Germany can take out various convoy zones rather easily.

    3. Germany can easily destroy the British fleet.

    4. As there is no immediate land threat most units can be directed to surgecally slice Russia into little bits.

    However, the longer the game lasts the better for the Allies. Germany needs to capture Russia quickly and in the process do great damage to the Britain for the final showdown with the US.



  • Germany has only 2 real options in the game.

    Go after Russia or go after Britian! America is too far to threaten.

    With Russia, Germany must invaded and then mass tanks, infantry, fighters, and maybe a bomber or two and go straight for Moscow!!!
    With defense just mass Infantry in France to absorb the up comming D-Day. With North Africa attcking it or ingnoring it is up to you.

    With Britian, Germany must hit the UK and prepare transports, But you should still launch a limited invasion against Russia as a spoiling attack to disrupt the Russian player.

  • I have tried an Ignore the Mediteranean stategy and ended up with an
    Allied pond! That pesky British fighter in Malta is a real pain in the neck.
    I try to get at the Brit E. Med fleet ASAP. Otherwise I have tyo leave German Garrisons in Yugoslavia, S.Italy, N. Italy and Greece, That’s inf that is needed in the East!

  • I agree with Sherman. Also, with the extra cash at the beginning you could build a transport and then use your battle ship for various amphibious landings. This is probably scaring the Brits into massing their forces into one middle east country. Despite this, they should be easy to take out with further reinforcements from Greece and a fighter.

    Think about the extra income through the oil states and the prospect of distracting the Russian player with some Germans threating Stalingrad from the oil states.



  • one of the funniest and easiest ways to piss people off in this game is to attack the US’s starting navy with subs, if the subs survive the US can not build naval units or attack you with air, only uk can help him but the uk fleet can be destroyed quickly with some luck, i thought i would add this to the forum cause it could help

  • I always played that you can build even if there are enemy units in the seazone.
    Also, you don’t have to garrison infantry in all those places to ignore the british med fleet. just put men in north italy and move them east through yugoslavia. If uk lands in greece or southern italy, just kill what they landed

    one thing that is annoying you have to watch for is the uk taking sardinia or corsica. This let’s the usa bomb north italy from london on the same turn.

  • @lnxduk:

    I always played that you can build even if there are enemy units in the seazone.

    I think this is the actual rule, but you have to have the battle that turn. Not sure though.

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