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A&A Spring 1942 IPC (& More) Log Sheet

  • ever since the beginning back we had gotten a used copy of the original 1986 board… we had to use paper and pen to log in the IPC’s, purchases, tech., saved games, etc.  when we got the revised edition we played maybe 2 games with the paper ipc’s then started writing it down cause it seemed easier and caused fewer arguments.

    as a graphic designer I created a chart for the current Spring 1942 game. It keeps track of IPC’s, Purchases, Advantages (if used), Tech. Development (If Used), Current Round, has a Unit stat chart, A game notes section (for those instances of amazing Di rolls, awesome strategies, jokes, pranks, etc.)

    File is meant to be printed on the back (long edge binding)

  • i’ll use it next game for sure, thanks for that!

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    Keredrex  very nice chart. Wonder if somebody can make one for Global 40?

  • @Gen:

    Keredrex  very nice chart. Wonder if somebody can make one for Global 40?

    thanks… the only problem i see with making one for global is space on a standard 8x10 sheet of paper.  in order to add more countries i would probably have to remove the game notes section and purchase units lists, but maybe leave space for writing in the purchases.  …
    ill give it a shot though… but i dont have the global game…
    what would i need to add?

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    Yes make one for Global 1940.

  • Very nice! In our games, we don’t really keep track of anything else than IPC income, but we play with OOB rules. Looking at your chart, I wonder how you can keep track of all of this if you’re not using said chart!

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    If it takes 2 sheets so be it.

  • @Imperious:

    Yes make one for Global 1940.

    dont have the game… ill need the info… any changes to the units and new units, All the countries/powers involved starting income (and if there is some change to there income thru game play… if im correct america starts lower then gets more IPC’s later)…  from what Ive overheard about the global game its “complex” so the sheet may be a bit difficult but ill try.  Off the back im thinking it would work on 11x17 paper that way its on 1 sheet or turn the 8x10 portrait (as opposed to landscape) and only have 3 or 4 rounds per side.


    Very nice! In our games, we don’t really keep track of anything else than IPC income, but we play with OOB rules. Looking at your chart, I wonder how you can keep track of all of this if you’re not using said chart!

    thank you… we started adding the purchases in the log cause of an argument on what was bought cause they put too many chips down. also an argument of  placing of a complex then trying to move it after 2 countries already went and arguing that it was accidentally knocked to another spot.  now we log everything… especially where complexes are placed.  the cool thing is we keep the sheets and can look back at old games  for bragging rights.

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    Refer to the AA50 thread, some people have made these charts but not like yours.

  • Can anyone share a similar log for the 2nd Edition? Thanks!

  • @StormSurge:

    Can anyone share a similar log for the 2nd Edition? Thanks!

    I can make one for that version… its only a matter of deleting some units and changing info from the 42 version

  • @Keredrex:


    Can anyone share a similar log for the 2nd Edition? Thanks!

    I can make one for that version… its only a matter of deleting some units and changing info from the 42 version

    That would be sweet!  Thanks!!

  • I like your National Advantages.  How do you determine which ones you are able to use and what does each do for the game?  I like this idea.

  • @docfav7:

    I like your National Advantages.  How do you determine which ones you are able to use and what does each do for the game?  I like this idea.

    we put together a list from the vast amount of house rules and advantages found in the threads and previous games.  the list is still adjusted as we play them, as we try to maintain balance as much as possible.

    Here they are…
    ADVANTAGES Spring 1942
    They are chosen by row (Row A, Row E, etc.) (we roll a Di),  this means if row C is chosen all countries use Row C.  we have not tried to pick out advantages per country (Russia gets A, Germany Gets E, Etc. Etc.) if you try it let me know.

    ****Row B… B1 & B2 this row has problems. there are cool advantages in there but we are not sure if or how to balance them and they feel unbalanced. B2 are the newest additions to try to fix this row and see if we can get 5 that work.

    all other rows have been played at least a few times some more than others.  And both sides axis & allies have won. now this could be due to many factors, strategy, dice, stronger players, and of course the advantages.  Im sure this list will be commented on and criticized, and since this list is a culmination of many other house rules Ive found, its possible there have been changes or playtested corrections Etc. Etc. Etc.   Ultimately, there fun as hell to incorporate and we are now at times playing with 2 advantage rows. We are also attempting to bring in Tech Development to possibly play with an advantage in game. You may notice some advantages are taken from Tech developments, we figure… its an advantage to the player to not have to pay for a tech. that is active from the start of the game.

    A- Russian Winter
    • Must declare During Combat Movement. Infantry Attack on 2 & Defend On 3 (In 1st Cycle of combat) WINTER lasts till start of next turn in these territories ONLY: Russia, Evenki N.O., Novosibirsk, Kazakh, Caucasus, W. Russia, Archangel, Belo Russia, Karelia

    _B1- Nonagression Treaty
    • ONCE PER GAME 1st Time Japan Attack A Red Territ, Place 4 Infantry (FREE) In Any 1 Red Territ Adjacent To & Including The One Attacked Before Combat Rolls. (Negated If Russia Attacks Japan 1st)

    B2- T34 Tanks
    • Russia may build a maximum of two tanks for 4 IPCs each per turn. (Max of 10 tanks built per game at 4 IPC each)_

    C- Increased Factory Production -
    • IC’s in Territories worth 4 or more IPC’s Mobilize +2 Units above Territ Value & 1/2 Cost to remove Damage markers (Rounded Up)

    • ONCE PER GAME. Declare (RAC) Next Purchase Units Phase - All Inf. Cost 2 IPC’s, But Only Inf. Can Be Purchased. (also May not purchase Technology Rolls)

    E- Adv. Artillery -
    • Art. & Inf. (Paired) Att. = 3 (1st Cycle Only)

    F- Trans-Siberian Railway
    • Infantry, Artillery & Anti-Air Guns May Move 2 Territories Per Turn ONLY among: Russia, Novosibirsk, Yakut S.S.R., Buryatia S.S.R., Caucasus, W.Russia, & Karelia

    GERMANY A- U-Boat Interdiction
    • during collect income phase for UK and USA, -1 IPC for every 2 subs Outside Of SZ 5 & 16  (-1 IPC / sub if have super Subs TD)

    _B1- Atlantic Wall
    • During Any Amphibious Assault Against A Gray Territory from SZ 3,5,6 & 7, All Your Infantry & Artillery (Paired) Defend On A 3 (1st Cycle Of Combat)

    B2- Panzerblitz
    • If Your Attacking Forces Destroy All Defending Units In 1st Cycle Of Combat, Any Of Your Surviving Tanks In The Attacking Forces May Move 1 Territory During Noncombat Phase_

    C- Bismarck Class Battleships
    • Only 1 Bismark BB Allowed at a time. must choose before game starts If replacing starting battleship with bismarck.  BB 3 Hits to sink (repairs 1 Hit per turn)

    D- Wolf Packs
    • At Least 3 Subs Attack same SeaZone The Anti Sub Abilities Of Any Destroyers Are Ignored & Subs Attack at 3 (4 w/ Super SS TD) (1st Cycle Only)

    E- Luftwaffe
    • (If No Defending Fighters) - Fighter Att roll = 4  (1st Cycle Only) (5 with jet ftrs TD)

    E- Blitzkrieg  (replace Luftwaffe)
    • When a fighter attacks with a tank (1/1 paired), they each attack at 4. (first cycle of combat only) (cancelled if defending fighters are present).

    F- Fortress Europe
    • All Artillery In Gray Areas Defend On A 3

    A- Radar -
    • Your Anti-Aircraft Guns In Tan Territories Hit Air Units On a 2. (Also Deflect Rocket Attacks on a 1, If enemy has Rocket TD)

    _B1- Joint Strike
    • ONCE PER GAME, On Your Turn, You May Declare JS.  Skip Com Move & Conduct Com. Make Noncom Mvs. On US Turn, US May Move Any Of your Units For Combat. Must agree on Casualties.

    B2- Royal Navy or Royal Airforce
    • AT BEGINING OF YOUR TURN Place 1 free Destroyer or Fighter on coast of either [UK, ECan, Egy, SAfr, Ind, or Aus] Must own the land territory, during Mobilize Units.  may place even if the SZ is enemy-occupied. (Fighter place on Land or CV)_
    C- Enigma Decoded
    • ONCE PER GAME, When Germany Finishes Combat Move Phase. You May Move any # Of Units From Any one Space Into Any 1 Adjacent Friendly Space Being Attacked By Germany (Or you can Retreat, but must leave behind any 1 unit (not including AA Gun & Complex)
    D- Mideast Oil
    • If An Air Unit You Own Lands In Anglo-Egypt, Trans Jordan, Or Persia During Noncombat Move Phase, It May Then Move An Additional Number Of Spaces Equal To Its Normal Move

    E- Commonwealth Troops
    • During mobilize new units phase, you may place 1 inf. for free in any tan territ you control with a value 2 or More IPC’s. If territ contains an IC, can not mobilize more units than value.

    F- Colonial Garrison
    • You Begin The Game With One Additional Industrial Complex In Any Tan Territory Worth At Least 1. ( Still Only 1 IC Per Territory)

    A- Tokyo Express
    • Each Of Your Destroyers May Act As A Transport For 1 Infantry. Follow Rules Of Transports. Destroyers acting as Transports Retain Anti Sub Abilities & get one Attack roll on 1st Cycle Only If combat occurs in SZ prior to amphibious assault

    _B1- Kamikaze Attacks & Kaiten Torpedoes
    ––Kamikaze Attacks
    • Kamikaze’s occur DEFENSIVELY in a SZ adjacent to Land with Aircraft… (use di rules for combat below))
    •• 6 FREE Kamikaze (K’s) att allowed. K’s are not represented by a unit, hence it can not be taken as a casualty. keep track of how many k’s remain to be used. att may be launched if an Allied player moves ships within 2 SZ’s from Japan, after all Allied combat moves have been completed. During Conduct Combat k’s may target specific enemy ships, (Not subs). att roll 2 or less during the opening fire step of the 1st cycle of combat only (Each K gets 1 roll). Before you roll dice to launch K’s att, you must declare the target(s) & # of K’s being used (Max 3 per battle). K’s used during allied combat phase may count as a naval battle & prevent ships in that SZ from shore bombard. JAPAN MUST HAVE FIGHTERS - no Kamikazes allowed until at least 1 fighter is in play (regardless of remaining K’s)
    ––Kaiten Torpedoes
    When A Japanese Sub In A SZ That Borders An Orange Territory Or Island Group In Japan’s Control is attacked you may declare it a Kaiten Torpedo and It Defends on A 3(4 with WD) If hits it is Automatically taken off as a Casualty

    B2- Bitter Rivalry
    • Once Per Game Choose:

    1. Permanently Reduce Cost of land & air Units: Inf, Art, Tank, Fighter, Bomber - 1 IPC &
      Increase Cost of Sea Units: SS, DD, CV, CC, BB - 1 IPC
    2. Increase Land & Air (Not AA gun or complex) - Reduce Sea (Not Transports)_
      C- Long Lance Torpedoes
      • (1st cycle only) DD att = 3, also SS att = 3 (4 w/Super SS WD) 

    D- Yamato Class Battleships  
    • Only 1 Yamato BB Allowed at a time (must choose at beginning of game if replacing starting BB). May choose To Att With 4, But Has option to Fire Broadside (Att/Bombard ONLY) - 2 Dice at 3’s (during Bombardment may still fire two shots at 3’s even if unloading 1 unit)

    E- Fukkaku Defenses
    • All your inf. on islands are immune to shore bombardment and defend on a 3.

    F- Banzai Attacks
    • Inf. & Art. (Paired) Att. = 3 may not attack with any other units, No Retreat Allowed (Bombardment Allowed)

    A- Island Bases
    • When Moving Air Units - US May Treat Island Groups As Part Of SZ’s Containing Them.  ie. Ftr Can Fly From Hawaii To E. Indies (If Owned)

    _B1- Marines
    • Inf. Attack On A 2 in 1st Cycle Of Combat During amphibious Assault

    B2- Recruit
    • Recruit: Roll 1D6 - on a roll of: 1 Free AA Gun. 2, 3 Free Artillery. 4, 5, 6 Free Infantry. Units must be placed on IC (follow rules of IC)s in hand. _
    C- Chinese Divisions
    • During Mobilize Units Phase, US May Place 1 Inf. (FREE) In 1 Of These Territs If Controlled: China, Sinkiang, Kwangtung, or F. Indochina

    D- Mechanized Infantry -
    • Infantry Matched 1/1 with Tank Move 2 Spaces

    E- Paratrooopers -
    • 1 Inf. Per Bomber. Must Leave From Same Territ.  Bomber Must Stop In 1st Hostile Territory in Flight Path.  Bomber can Attack in the 1st cycle only. But No Strategic Bombing Raid  (Inf. Unit Cannot Retreat)

    F- Superfortresses
    • Def. = 2 & 1st cycle Of All Land Battles (on Attack) Bombers Roll 2 dice (3 Dice If Hvy Bombers)

    have fun… let me know what you think

  • i like them but some are WAY too powerful. i prefer the 1 time per games and the historical ones like japan’s island infantry fukkaku, russian winter, joint strike, marines, and atlantic wall.

  • Thanks!

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