• We had our second game of the Alpha +2 setup.  Axis powers very powerful in the beginning of the game.  2 faults of the Axis were Germany and Japan attacking too soon.  Germany went into USSR on turn 2 and Japan on turn 3.  The US had decided to go to Australia and then try to come up.  Big mistake.  Japan then had the US fleet cornered way down south.

    The main Axis problem was that the early attacks spread them WAY TOO thin.  Japan was spread all over the Pacific an China.  Germany was spread all over Europe and into USSR.  It was basically the history repeating.  Japan attacking the US before Germany was ready caused the US to launch 5 full transports to Morrocco and the next turn they invaded and took over Rome.  USSR fought back and took original USSR territories that Germany had taken and left a window into Poland which the Russians took full advantage of.  Japan was spread out all over the Pacific map but had never taken the bonus islands or all of China.  Italy had taken over the Northern Africa territories except the 2 French ones.  France had successfully fended off an Italian attack with 2 troops at one point.  Italy then abandoned Egypt to try and get it’s bonus in the Middle East.  The UK factory in South Africa had built up enough to pose a significant threat.

    Great game but one the US took Rome and took all their IPC’s, it was pretty much over.  UK had 5 loaded transports coming into Normandy with Germany only protecting it with 2 troops.

  • If the US goes into the Pacific, the Germans have to take london. If not, they better start trucking to moscow.

  • @ThomasJefferson:

    If the US goes into the Pacific, the Germans have to take london. If not, they better start trucking to moscow.


  • '18 '17 '16 '11 Moderator

    Don’t see why Germany wouldnt just make sure to have 2 or 3 transports in SZ 112/113 and a surface fleet/Cover Air Patrol to protect them from England.  Since America’s attempting the Pacific, they are not too much of a nuissance in Europe.  The transports, meanwhile, allow for Scandinavian counter-attack as well as counter attacks on Scotland, England and Normandy without dumping troops into Holland/Paris to use for counter attack.

    More options.

    Course, we’re all tactical experts AFTER the game has been played…no?

    Meanwhile, I just don’t see how a British navy in the Med isn’t over powered.  Especially since they go before Italy.

    Sink both sides of the Italian fleet on UK1, invade Greece and have 5-6 ground units in Greece to harry the Germans.  Italy starts with nothing in the water facing a British carrier group with accompanying fighters and possibly a destroyer too.

  • If the US goes into the pacific, then the Germans can take and hold london, so they should do this to alleviate pressure on the Italians emanating from African IC’s (most games i play the British player builds an IC in Egypt). Also, I always move 2 German fighters to Southern Italy so to prevent the British from destroying both parts of the Italian navy. The 2 german ones, and the 1 italian one make it so that the British fleet is decimated no matter which side they attack.

  • '18 '17 '16 '11 Moderator

    Yea, that would help.

    I’m not thinking it possible to take England with Germany.  Not early in the game anyway. (Defined = First 5 rounds of play.)

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