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    Please sign-up in this thread in the tourney forum:


    Everything is the same as last year.


    Latest Rules + FAQs
    NO - Yes
    Tech - No
    All other optionals are off
    Single elimination
    We will list top 4 seeds from last years no-tech tourney (spring 2010 - if they sign-up) and the rest of the backets will be assigned randomly

    Choosing Sides

    You will be bidding for the Allies.
    Full placement bids.  Standard bid rules apply (can only place bid in spots where you already have units, etc.)
    You will bid in IPC, but you can spend the bid on units once bidding is completed.
    Bidding will be done in an Auction Style to keep everything in house.
    Once brackets are assigned I (or another mod) will do a random roll for each round to see which player will start the bidding (either top player on bracket or bottom).  The players will then bid down until one player concedes the sides.

    Player 1 - I’ll play the Allies with 9
    Player 2 - I’ll play the Allies with 7
    Player 1 - I’ll play the Allies with 6
    Player 2 - You win, you can take the Allies with 6

    Tentative start date will be Feb. 15.
    Official schedule will be determined once I know how many players we have.  Assume 1 month per rd.

    We may cap participation at 16 or 32 depending on participation.  If there is overwhelming interest we may add in another play-in round.

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