94Canuck's Global 1940 Alpha + 2 Setup Charts and Game Aids

  • Global NO chart missing Collect 5 IPCs per turn that Germany controls the United Kingdom. Theme: High national prestige.

    On Japan set up chart Shangtung should be spelled Shantung.

  • TripleA


  • I am relatively new to this forum but I love the dedication and ingenuity of its players. Canuck94 these charts are AWESOME. I just printed them out and am going to laminate them at Kinkos. Great job man and thanks.

  • TripleA

    It has nothing to do with you being ‘that guy’, it has to do with your approach in general.  A simple, “spelling mistake on the NO chart, fyi” would have sufficed.  Will update tomorrow.

  • Hey these charts are awesome! Thanks.

    In the research chart it should be super not suber submarines.

  • TripleA

    Both corrections made, files updated.

  • Great work 94Canuck! Really nice aids.

    Any chance you will be making some task force markers?

    And any chance you will be making equivalent aids for the Europe 1940?

  • TripleA

    Hey, I have given thought to Task Force markers however haven’t had the time just yet.

    As for Pacific/Europe standalone charts, I also hadn’t planned on that.  Bob had already completed full sets for both which I currently use, and IMO are really well done.  If there was a big demand for matching charts for the stand alone games I’m sure I could however.

  • But Bobs does not include alpha +2, right?

  • TripleA

    That is correct.  Bob has opted to not update until Alpha is 100% finished which I can understand completely.

    In addition, Bob’s charts for NO’s etc would suffice, however as I understand it the Alpha setups are to be used for both stand alone games, but I might be wrong on that.  If so you would only need one set of setups, which you could use mine for.

  • Great 😄

    I dont understand, why these aids dont come with the game in the first place… But then it is great, someone has the ability to make some, that looks great 😄

  • On your tech board for jet fighters, you have fighters misspelled.

    Found some more - very minor, but I am a nitpicker - especially for something as nice as what you’ve created:

    On the national objectives board, ANZAC’s NO for controlling Malaya should say “its”, not “it’s”.

    National objectives board again. Italy’s first objective says Souhern France, not Southern France. Additionally, the comma is missing between Egypt and Southern France. I believe it is sitting at the end of Gibraltar.

    France’s unit placement card. Normandy is misspelled.

    US unit placement card. Western US - Fighters is plural.

    Please don’t take my notes as criticism. I love what you have done and I am excited to print them out!



  • TripleA

    Updated plus some other things I found you didn’t catch.  I’m sure there are more 🙂

  • Liaison TripleA '11 '10

    I’m printing in color and laminating these aids as soon as possible.

    This quality is better than game Quality.  Any chance we can get a list of the new rules in a chart format?  Or even on a page one could tape into the rulebook?

  • TripleA

    That is on the to do list actually.  I’ve been looking at a good way to format and condense the multiple pages down to just one or two.  The scramble portion is so long.  That will probably get done when I work on the stand alone charts for Europe/Pacific.  I’m just trying to weed through the multiple posts to determine what setup is to be used for the standalones, and what NO changes there are.  I don’t want to do them if I have the wrong info.  I also might do a battleboard just for keep it all the same.

  • Liaison TripleA '11 '10


  • Looking forward to seeing your upcoming work 😄

  • Where is the setup chart for UK Pacific and where is the UK setup for UK Europe?

  • TripleA

    UK Europe and Pacific are combined to one chart for space saving.

  • TripleA

    I started working on a rule change aid since I’ve had some requests from a bunch of people on it.  I wanted to post my wording for you guys to confirm accuracy before posting the chart.  I’m trying to keep it all to one page which is proving difficult.

    Note:  I did not add the IPC shift for UK, nor the reduction in AA gun cost as that is reflected in the Game Aid already completed.  The text will be as follows:

    1.)  AA Guns are removed from play if a territory is captured.
    2.)  Major Industrial Complexes are reduced to Minor Complexes upon capture.  Only the ORIGINAL owner may upgrade it back to a Major if the
          territory is liberated.  Major IC’s cannot be built on foreign territories. 
    3.)  The Soviet Unions Neutrality is not effected on opposing maps when only at war with European, or Pacific Axis powers.
    4.)  Scramble Rules have been changed to the following:
                  1.)  Takes place at the START of the Conduct Combat Phase for powers AT WAR ONLY.
          2.)  If there is an active Air Base a total of 3 Fighters and/or Tac Bombers  located on an island or coastal territory may scrambled to the adjacent
                        Sea Zone.  Rare Sea Zone cases that are adjacent to multiple active Air Bases can scramble 3 planes per Air Base.
                  3.)  Can help friendly naval units under attack or to resist an Amphibious Assault even if the Amp. Assault is on a different territory. 
    5.)  Victory Conditions are as follows:  AXIS - 6 of 8 Victory Cities on Pacific Map OR 8 of 11 Victory Cities on the Europe Map
                                                        ALLIES - Control of ALL Axis Capital Cities
    6.)  Unites States’ Minor Industrial Complexes are upgraded to Major when the US is at War.  These IC’s can be upgraded for the 20 IPC’s while Neutral.
    7.)  Strategic Bombing Raids now follow the following order of Combat.  (Note:  Strat Bombers can attack IC’s, Air or Naval Bases.  Tac Bombers can
          attack Air or Naval Bases):
                    1.)  Any Escorts (Fighters) attack at 1 against any enemy Interceptors (Fighters).  Casualties are removed IMMEDIATELY.
                    2.)  Strat and/or Tac Bombers attack at 1 against any enemy Interceptors.  Casualties can defend.
                    3.)  Interceptors attack at 2 against attacker Bombers.  Escorts may only be taken after ALL Bombers have been destroyed.
                    4.)  Surviving Bombers declare which facility is to be targeted.
            5.)  Facility AA Gun Defense hits on 1.  Roll one die for each Bomber attack the facility.
                    6.)  Bombers attack.  Strat Bombers add +2 to the dice rolled.  Tac Bombers hit on dice rolled.  Damage removal is on a 1:1 ratio.
    8.)  The United States may declare war on the Axis if London and/or any North American Territory is captured.
    9.)  Subs no longer can fire a ‘sneak attack’ at unescorted Transports.  Transports cannot unload from a Sea Zone with an enemy Sub unless a friendly
          warship was also present during Combat Movement.
    10.)  The United States Navy, while Neutral may only occupy Sea Zones adjacent to their territories, excluding Sea Zone 102 (No transports) on the
            Europe Map.  On the Pacific Map the Navy may not end movement in Sea Zones adjacent to Japanese controlled territories.
    11.)  Kamikaze Strikes can be used in any of the marked Sea Zones where an Allied player conducts Sea Combat or an Amphibious Assault is to take place.

  • TripleA

    Added Rule Change Chart as per some requests.

  • Hi,

    These charts are really good, they look very professional.  I’ve printed out many of them and put them on stiff cardboard.  😄

    I spotted one typo though, on the US card for Sea zone 10, it says “Tac Fighter” instead of bomber.

    I’m looking forward to using these in my first global game soon  🙂

  • TripleA

    Updated files.  Added Battle Board for G40.

  • Does USA get 30 ipc bonus income in this version?

  • TripleA

    Not a flat rate 30.  It is split into 5 seperate NO’s as opposed to just one lump sum.

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