• sorry guys i know this is the wrong forum but i was just on historicalboardgames.com and seen a map for 1939 can someone tell me is that a aanda map and is it played the same way. because if it is i’m buying it today it looks badass. but i didnt see ipc values on the territories. any info you could give me would be great thanks

  • It is indeed an A&A map. I can’t tell you much more than the page at HBG can:


    It appears to me that IPC values for territories are in small red squares. You can download the setup and rules at the link above to see if it sounds like fun to you. Sounds a little too different to me personally.

  • '14

    The 1939 game can be played like Global 40, actually the rules are Global 40 rules with some exceptions and optinal rules for the hard core gamer. It also incorporates a D12 combat system which is alot more fun in my opinion. Its Axis and Allies with a Xeno games World at War Twist!

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