• hi. nice work on these charts. still some mispelling to be corrected… f.ex US NO with 5 out of 7 islands and 5 out of 7 islands as Japan…
    Otherwise keep up the good work. what about putting your images at mediafire or what its name in true resolution.

  • And yes I have a problem with proof reading myself I miss my spelling mistakes all the time, drives me crazy.  So if you see something let me know and I’ll correct and repost or post all in mediafire……  thanx…

  • Ok I fixed “conrtol” in the “5 of 7” for US and Japan, I also found it in Italy.  So that’s about 15 times I copied and pasted the word control and never seen it.  WOW!  Anyway here it is again hopefully it good.  I also put an African outline around the tank in Egypt; though it looked cool.

    National Objective Chart Alpha Plus 2 standard.png

  • Customizer

    One more small mis-spelling.  On the “5 of 7” NO for USA, you have Iwo Jima spelled Iwo Juma.  It is spelled correctly in the Japanese NO.

    Also, I have a question.  On the NOs for Japan and Russia about breaking the Non-Agression treaty, why do you have the Pacific UK and German roundels on the left side?  I thought that treaty and the breaking of it only affected Japan and Russia, at least directly.

  • Ok great, thanks for the latest correction; I’ll get this thing straight yet.

    I’ll also take out the Japan and Russia Non-Aggressions treaty Pacific UK and German roundels on the left side.  I didn’t see them; they are leftovers from my house rules.  If we use them, we say that Berlin or Calcutta has to fall first or the 12 IPCs doubles.  This is to keep the front form opening up to soon.  It doesn’t work out too well because by the time one of the VC fall the game is almost over.

    And lastly my son told me about how to upload a file to a site then copy a url link to the file there.  So I will finish updating and make a file and link to all the graphics I’ve posted so they will be top quality.

    Have it together soon…… thanx for all your input……

  • Would you make one with a light grey back ground?

    The current one will suck a lot of ink out of the printer and really curl the paper.

  • Good job man! One question: You have a couple NOs with the word “start” over them, which I assume means the game starts with those objectives completed. If that’s the case, there are two Allied NOs that are mislabeled: UK-Pacific’s “+5 IPCs all original territories” and ANZAC’s “+5 All original territories plus Malaya.” Both powers need to be at war with Japan for those NOs to be active, so neither one will be active at the start of the game.

  • Thanks Slacker for that information. I’ve always played them (ANZACs NO) from the start of the game, I guess I miss that they had to be at war.  I’ll change it in the image.

    I’ve now learned how to place the images on an online down load site “Dropbox”.  I’m currently working on the NO chart.  Making the latest corrections people have pointed out to me, (now this one) and I got in to making a picture in each NO after doing the one on the bottom row for the Soviets.  It’s a hobby and obsession, like knitting, I sit a doodle in “Paint”.  I’ll post the NO image and others by this weekend with the link to the high res picture. Thanks for all your input.

  • Yes, BadSpeller I’ll post it twice once with a light grey background.  Hey BadSpeller did you choose your name because of your spelling ability.  It is certainly a name I could have very well went by myself……I’m a terible speller.

  • Actually I’ve found I had the starting IPCs wrong in four places; the two you mentioned UK Pacific and ANZAC.  I also found I had it wrong in the UK Europe side “for all territories” and Germany “for Scandinavia”.  Wow!  If you or anyoe sees anything else please let me know.

  • Ok, my bad, Germany and UK Europe are ok because thay start at war…

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