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    Allright!  Thanks for the help “IRock”.  In my book,…you do ROCK

    This is my favorite picture of my Dad in WW2.  It’s wintertime just before the Battle of the Bulge.  Notice that my Dad is wearing a white snow cover.  It was rather unusual for US Army soldiers at that time to have them.  Since he was on an out-post on the front lines or even sometimes inside the German lines it was issued to him, along with the Thompson.  When the Germans overan his OP at the start of the “Bulge” he had to make his way 20 or so miles back to the American lines.  Once there the M.P.‘s noticed the white snow cover which was more common for the German troops, his being quite tall(6’-7"), angular, and being of English/German descent all made the M.P.'s suspicious of him and so they held him for questioning until someone from his unit could be located and vouch for him.  Remember, the Germans had parachuted  several American-speaking German commandoes into the American lines at the start of the battle to create confusion.  My Dad said he was very glad to get back to his unit alive not having been  shot by either the Germans OR the Americans, haha.

    Of course I’m just paraphrasing.  His article on this was probably 5-7 pages if I remember correctly and had several other “happennings” as well.

    By the way, my Dad would NEVER consider himself a hero and has told me so many stories of the infantrymen that he encountered that were ALWAYS facing death every minute of there lives.  Sure, he had his moments of sufferring artillery, sniper fire, and fighter-bombers(ME-262)…but not 24/7 like the line infantry did.  He really respected those guys and helped them out ANYTIME he could.  My point is that my Dad was a soldier that although he voluntered for some hazardous duty, simply just did his duty, and was fortunate enough to live through it.

    I hope I didn’t get too long-winded for anyone.  I’m sorry if I did.  I’m sure everyone won’t hesitate to let me know their opinions on this.    Later,    Tall Paul

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    DARN!  This pic of my Dad is 423 instead of 256 and so it’s too large a file.  Sorry guys, I appologize.  Maybe I can find some of them that are small enough.    Tall Paul

  • Here is a picture of a small unknown German unit, that my Grandfather brought back from the war.

    german unit.jpg

  • Here is a picture of a german woman named Lisa Averbach in Luftwaffa Uniform.

    German Woman Lisa.jpg

  • Here is a picture of an unknown German.

    Steven Hotcaveg 4.jpg

  • Here is a picture of a group of youthful German men.

    young german.jpg

  • Here is my Grandfather, Archie Worsham Jr at Ft. Sill, Oklahoma.

    pa pa Fort Still.jpg

  • My grandfather, A.B Worsham Jr. in uniform.

    pa pa Worsham uniform.jpg

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    I enjoyed seeing those pics of the previous “ABWs”.  Thank you  I feel it very important to remember our predecessors and their stories so we can preserve their part of “History”.

    Although I have already digitized several dozen pics of my Dad in WW2 I haven’t taken the time to get them reduced in “volume” so that I might share them here with ya’ll(I’m from the South,…and ya’ll is a contraction for you all).  Does anyone know how I might EASILY make these pics smaller in volume.  As they are they’re almost twice the maximum allowed on this forum.  Thanks in advance.
                                                                                        “Tall Paul”

  • Tall Paul I had the same problem, i had an printer/scanner from 1999. I just bought a newer model and it scanned these pictures great.

    My grandfather had some type of relations with the german women Lisa, I don’t know if they were lovers or friends, but he took great pride over that picture and talked about her.

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    Here is a picture of a group of youthful German men.

    I think they are of the R.A.D. wich was the Reichsarbeitsdienst…they all got that spat and similar looking insignias on their clothings…probably arround 1943

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