General Outline of a AAA "Tournament" for FUN

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       At the upcoming FMGC 2011 I wanted to have a sort of Tournament for AAA players that spans the weekend.  Something where players earn points for each game played (both for Victory and loses).  This is nothing uber official, but just for FUN.  There will be a prize at the end supplied by FMG for the winner.

    My initial thought was to have a point structure based on each Game.  Each game is worth a certain number of “points”, the victor or Victors getting the most, and the vanquished just a few.  This would allow people playing all sorts of AAA from D-Day to GLOBAL through-out the event to build up points.  Longer and bigger games like the 1940 series would be worth more points due to time investment etc…

    Does anyone have any experience with this sort of thing or advice?  How should I set this up to make it fair?

    The aim is to have FUN, but give someone bragging rights at the end of the Event for being the player with the most points, and of course a prize.


  • Have people enter, and then get a board of top rated players to judge each player, from then creating pairs that are as fair as possible. They then create the brackets. Players would work in 2-man teams in 2 on 2 games. The winner continues on, the loser goes to the loser bracket, but if you lose in there, you are out. Then the top two losing teams face off to see who gets to see the winners champion. Then the winner and loser champions face each other to see who wins there. For playing different games: games like Bulge, D-Day, and Guadal are worth the lowest points for Ws and Ls, while 1940 and Anniversary are worth more points for both winners and losers. To prevent cheating, there will be a judge at each game who will officiate, but will not punish players if they screw up, but will disqualify them if they do things like roll the dice again, or pick their tech, etc.,intentional cheating like that in which there is evidence beyond a REASONABLE doubt. Everyone should have fun, as it is a double then play for fun elimination circut. If your are knocked out of the losing bracket, you then join the other pairs(1/4 of total players at first possible chance), and play for fun, not to advance, as you are knocked out of the tournament. Where and when will the convention be held because I will try to get there if it is in the US.

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