• did anyone think about an invasion of iceland as axis? this way you get very near to the american continent, have an island where parked fighters can scramble from, and in combination with subs a dedicated german player can inflict some heavy damage to british or us fleets.

    any opinions?

  • Liaison TripleA '11 '10

    That’s like having the Death Star, and blowing up Yavin 4 too.  It’s just not going to happen 😞

  • and why?

    actually, it is not difficult to achieve this. i think, it is more a question of strategy, isn´t it?

  • With the Naval Base in the UK, it is just as close as Iceland in terms of getting to America.  Why take a turn going out of the way?

  • I was thinking this too.  After G1, you could have the battleship, cruiser and transport in sea zone 112 and the bomber and an infantry left in Norway. Then on G2, you could pick up the infantry from Norway and plunk him on Iceland.  On G3, you could move the bomber there too.  With that bomber, battleship and cruiser and maybe a sub or two, it will make the american have to spend a lot of money and TIME building fighting ships to protect the invasion fleet.

  • Liaison TripleA '11 '10

    You could do the same, faster and easier, from Gibraltar.

    Gibraltar also threatens 2 capitals. And actually matters for your income.

    Iceland is a pipe dream, saved for the day that your friends won’t quit until you have ousted them from every territory on the board.

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