How to invade nenetsia from germany??

  • via landing craft if the uk is stll in play and has tons of fighters.

  • Liaison TripleA '11 '10

    what is this thread about exactly… ?

  • i need help in my g40 game im germany and want to in vade russia. through nenetsia is the best option. the oly prolblem is when i build transports,the uk player uses fighter to kill them

  • Then this doesn’t seem like a very good option then.  OR option two build a gazillion airbases and base 3 planes at each so can scrample 15 or so.

  • Forget Nenetsia then …

    Poland, Eastern Poland, Western Ukraine, Bryansk, Russia.

    5 turns for infantry to travel that.

    It takes just as long (Or longer) to build your transports and move them up to Nenetsia after loading, then from there through to Vologda and then Russia and it costs a LOT more because not only do you have to build the transports, you HAVE to build a fleet to support them (or they just get sunk, as you noticed).

  • the only thing is russia is loaded w/ inf and fighters and is now buying tanks. while uk and usa isj biulding up in britain.

  • Turn 1

    1. Build an aircraft carrier a destroyer and a sub on Germany Turn one and place them in SZ 112. 2) Land 2 ftrs on the carrier. 3) Make sure you have minimum 3 ftrs (or tacs) on Western Germany to scramble. 4) Don’t Sacrifice your battleship, use it to protect your carrier. 5) make sure you sink as much of the U.K. fleet as possible.

    Turn 2

    1. Take cash from the Plunder of France and build 7 transports in SZ 112.  2) Make sure you move your original transport there as well.  3) Make sure you have 8 Infantry and 8 Art (or whatever) to load on to these transports.  (Hopefully the U.K. will build tons of troops to defend against Sea-lion). 4) Keep your Naval screen intact.

    Turn 3

    1. Move from SZ 112 to SZ 127 with loaded transports.  2) Unload into Nenetsia 3) comence laughing.

    Turn 4

    1. Who knows. 2) Question why you were laughing on turn 3.

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