Flying over Neutral countries. A confirmation required.

  • As I understand it, you can NOT flying over strict Neutral Countries without declaring war on them.  Is this Correct?

    One thing, as I understand it, is that movement from SZ 99 to SZ 100 (Agean sea to Black sea via the dardenelles) is also is covered under this rule as Turkey, being a strict Neutral, would have to be occupied/attacked/controlled to be able to move through (what I am assuming) is their territory.

    Would someone please confirm (or make a correction on) my interpretation of this rule.  Thank you in advance.

  • You can’t fly over neutrals if you don’t attack them.

    Z99 to 100 doesn’t pass over Turkey, so it’s allowed

  • The only thing I would like to confirm regarding your answer Calvin is; If ships cannot pass through the Dardenelles without a declaration of war, why can aircraft?

  • Official Q&A

    Air units can pass through a canal or narrow strait without it being under friendly control, whereas sea units cannot.

  • Thank you Calvin and Kreig.

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