Just played my first A&AE40 game: Questions

  • First off, the game is great. The Changes from the Anniversary Edition are awesome, especially the rules for neutrals.
    But I have a couple of questions:

    1. Are the NOs optional, like in the Anniversery Edition? I ask because my next planned game is against someone new to A&A, so I want to keep it simple.

    2. The American rule giving it an extra 30 IPCs seems a bit much, no? With an income of 65, and the ability to land in Spain in one move, the US, in our game at least, was able to get a factory just 2 steps from Paris that could crank out 10 tanks a turn, with their own and British fighters joining them each turn.

  • 1. NOs are mandatory
    2. Not really. If the US takes Spain, all other true neutrals become pro-axis. Thus, Germany can take 6 inf in Sweden, 8 inf in Turkey, and 2 inf in Switz.

    Also, Spain, having 2 ipcs, can’t support a Major IC. Thus, you can’t build 10 units in Spain

  • I also just played my first game of AAE1940 last night and i did not feel that the US was too powerful at all. In fact by the time America was a legitimate threat Germany (i was the axis) had already taken Russia and Italy had taken north Africa. I actually find this version more balanced than the other ones (1942, anniversary, etc.). I find the way neutral territories work now to be great since it adds another level to the game and gives both the Axis and Allies tough decisions to make.

    Just a question though i’m not too familiar with the lingo, what does NO stand for?

  • Official Q&A

    Welcome, drmckool!

    NO stands for National Objective.

  • @Krieghund:

    Welcome, drmckool!

    NO stands for National Objective.

    thank you very much, I should have figured that’s what it was, I actually love the national objectives, particularly Lebensraum; even though the historical link between lebensraum and the actual launching of Barbarossa is slightly tenuous. I found as a historian the national objectives (NO) really adds to the game because it really grounds the action in concrete history.

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