• last year, harr harr, on december 29th me and my friends set up a game (G40). we only completed 4 rounds of play in 10 (!) hours…ouch! 😄

    but i would like to see some somments about the game.
    i played the US. but see for yourself and post some critics or strategies for the axis or allies to win this game. i would apreciate it.

    rock`n roll

  • The allies have a clear advantage: in the Pacific, japan has been neutered. In Europe, Germany has not made it too far into Russia nor has Italy advanced beyond Egypt. The Royal Air force and Navy across the globe is huge.

  • so you see no chance for the axis to win?

    i think, the japanese airpower is still a real threat to the us navy. second, small numbers of transport available or nearby to start landing operations for the usa.

    in europe, i agree mostly, but i see a big defensive potential in germany. it could stall a lot, couldn´t it?

    greetings and thanx for the answer.

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