Burma road rule extended

  • A rule I’ve been contemplating, if the Burma Road is open at the beginning of the UK’s turn, UK may purchase an artillery and give it to China (place in one of the Chinese territory on the Burma Road). Maybe expand the rule to purchasing a tank too. Sort of lend lease.

  • '10

    Very cool Idea.  This would be more realistic.  I think this would help in the first 1-4 turns of AAG40.  Britain can not go to war with Japan, but can still support China.

  • From my house rules United Kingdom section:

    3. If the Allies control the Burma Road (all of the following territories: India, Burma, Yunnan, Szechwan) at the start of the United Kingdom’s turn, and both the United Kingdom and China are at war with Japan, the United Kingdom may purchase an Artillery or a Tank from United Kingdom (Pacific) IPCs on behalf of China. China may then place it in Yunnan or Szechwan. This is limited to one Artillery or one Tank per turn.

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