• Greetings again.

    I have been looking for updates for the AAE40 game rules and stuff.  I have found Larry’s stuff on an Alpha +1 update to the rules for AAG40, but I can not find it specifically for AAE40.  Does such a thing exist?  How about AAP40?  Has an Alpha, Beta or any official adjustments been announced for that?

    Great game that will be better when I paint my pieces, when my pieces arrive from FMG, and when I paint them too.

  • I’m pretty sure Larry intends the final incarnation of Alpha to be balanced for Europe, Pacific, and Global. Right now, most people are focusing on Global, so I guess the other two will magically fall into perfect balance once Global is balanced :roll:

  • TripleA

    I thought Alpha was just for Global.

    I am playing a game of E40 later today, what set up should I use then, OOB or Alpha +1?

  • But still what setup do you use?

  • Official Q&A

    It would be great if some people would play the Europe game with the Alpha setup and report their results at Larry’s site.  Just replace the two ANZAC infantry in Egypt with one UK infantry and ignore any references to Pacific territories in US NOs, and you should be good to go.

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