• I have just finished two games of Pacific 40 w/ the alpha+1 setup rules and i need a few answers, really appreciate any help.

    1. Is america supposed to collect all of thier no’s after there at war, europe ones included. I only ask this because i was japan for both games and i completely dominated the allies, and it wasn’t because poor plaiing by the allies they really had no chance.
      Turn 3 japan finishes off the last of the chineese and have thier ships off the coast of mallay.
      Turn 5 Japan wipes out india and remaining fleets, there are two now are positioned off of japan and iwa jima.
      At this time the allies surrendered because japan now has twice the fleet of america and almost twice the ipc’s. (This game was over before it started and the second game followed the exact same course even with the allied players switching forces.

    Is japan to strong with the alpha+1 setup, i know there weaker than oob but it still seams 1 sided to me, i mean it was a total massaccer.

    Oh yea i even took french indo-china on the first round both games and didn’t get the ten ipc bonus. I need help to understand how how the allies have a chance

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