• Does anyone know anything about upcoming attempts to try and make a new cd rom game for the revised edition of Axis and Allies? I am a huge fan of the game but it is hard to find people who know the rules and are the same skill level as myself. I am looking for groups in my area (northern VA) that may be willing to meet and compete on the board game. However, I would love for there to be a new cd rom with up to date technology for the revised edition for online play. Has anyone heard of anything like this coming out or must i once again go back to the old 1994 version that always drops players and makes me download new patch after patch.

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    Welcome, cntrltheseas_52!

    I know of no plans to make another computer version of A&A.  However, there are several organizations that host on-line play of various types, including GameTable Online and AAMC.  A Google search should turn most of them up.

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