• hey dudes. i was just wondering if any of you guys have had prior military service? i went to my local recruiter on saturday, (03/29/2003) and i am thinking about joining the army. i’m not good enough for the MARINES because i did not graduate high school. i didn’t know you needed a DIPLOMA to learn how to fire a rifle and do push-ups. but, i have a great deal of respect for those who serve and those who have done so in the past, regardless of what branch they belonged to. my father was an officer in the army, and my grandfather served in the navy during WW2, and even though i play this AXIS & ALLIES board game, it could never amount to the grim reality of war. it is just a mere game. well, i would really appreciate any sort of replies or on joining the service it is something i have always thought about doing and i’m about 99% sure that this the best thing for me. i just want some honest answers and lots of encouragement that i’m not getting from my family about this. thank you.

    cheers 😎

  • Never served, tho’ i thought about it.
    How old are you Dan? What branch are you interested in - sounds like army? Have you thought about an officer training program? Or the reserves until you get your diploma? Are you sure you want to join during a war? Are you prepared to kill other people? Have you thought about infantry vs. connaisance/reconnaisance vs. medic vs. artillery vs. armored etc.?
    just some thoughts. As i said, back in '91 i thought about joining the Canadian armed forces. Not sure if i wanted to be an officer or a medic, and i also thought about the airforce. I’m glad i didn’t, as i feel i’ve done just as much if not more with my life, but that doesn’t mean i don’t respect what our soldiers have done.

  • I was thinking of the military but I could never do the push-ups, I know I couldn’t have passed basic training. Besides, I’m not too good at taking orders 🙂

    The age old debate about not needing a diploma. The stats in Canada show those with a degree make 50% more than those with only high school, it gets worse without high school.

    I’ll give you probably the best single reason why it’s important. It say’s you’re not a quiter. If it takes you longer to finish (I started university when I was 25) it shows you’re a bulldozer, you’ll do what it takes to get the job done no matter what the obsticle.

    The secondary reasons are you actually might use a bit of what you learn. It’s like a tool box, you do need a certain number of tools but you might only use 5-10% at any one time. The more tools you have the easier you are to fit into a higher level position. Even if all you want to do is be a grunt for the rest of your life, a modern digital army is way more than push-ups and pulling triggers.

    I think if you are fit enough to do it and it feels right after wanting it for say 3 months then it might do you a world of good. Besides, you can get lots and lots of good training in the US military, who knows, if you find your niche you could rise high and fast in a huge and growing military system with oddles of opportunities.


  • Dan - I’m a Navy Vet 1986-1992. If you do enlist, ensure you get in writing a contract for a school. You’ll have to decide on a career path, say electronics, for example. Leave all options open when trying to choose initially. Try to get into a job that has a civilian equivilant, regardless if your thinking of a military career or not. Try not to fall into recruiter pressure tactics. They have quota’s to fill and will say alot to get you to sign that paper. Check and double check the other branches again. Sometimes other recruiting offices will be more helpful than others. If your about to “sign your life away” as we used to say, try to get the best deal you can. Also, if your looking to improve your physical abilities, teamwork, work ethics, self discipline, see the world, etc., it’s a great place to start…

  • i am 22 and it is funny that you said electronics because that is exactly why i wanted to join. plus i would like to get out and see the world, even if it is iraq or afganistan. but i don’t know, i just don’t think college is for me, but maybe that will change after i join and serve for a few years. i have checked out all branches except the air force and the coast guard. by the way it was high school i did not graduate, sorry if i confused anyone. but i took a pre test for the marines and the army and it was the same exact test. the only difference was that the marines test had a time limit that was not very nice, the army test had a time limit but i could still complete all the questions. the usmc time was going way to fast, what did you do in the navy by the way did you enjoy yourself and did you join because you wanted to go to college? i want to join because i don’t want to go to college. well thank you talk to you later.

    cheers 😎

  • I served 3 years in the Army and have been out for 11……

    My reasons for joining sound pretty similar to yours. 😃

    I graduated from H.S., tried a few semesters in college and was floundering around, not sure what to do with my life. I’ve always loved the military, so I gave it a shot. Best move I ever made! Worst move I ever made was leaving!

    It sounds like you’ve passed the Army entrance test? IIRC, that will determine which jobs you are qualified for. Hopefully something you like.

    When I joined, I picked the MOS that qualified me for the College Fund, yet had the shortest enlistment time. (I did want to finishschool, eventually)
    Not just the GI Bill, mind you, all qualify for that, make sure it gets you the College Fund too.

    You’ll have to find out which jobs qualify, but I’d make that a requirement, in case you do decide to go on with school.

    The other great thing about it - you can get a lot of free and cheap schooling while you are in. You should be able to get a GED, they have free CLEP tests for college credit, and most bases offer classes as well.

    I regret not taking more of an advantage of it, so don’t pass that by.

    That’s all I can think of at the moment, good luck with whatever you choose!

  • We have compulsory military service over here.
    For me, all in all it was a waste of time. I learnt to drive a truck, but have never needed that again. I have learnt the difference between comrades and friends, that forces you to trust people you dislike. A funny thing that showed a lot about human nature i believe: In my fighting group of 8 people, there were two close to be Nazis. Still i would have trusted them my life in battle and would have fought for theirs. In private, i disgusted them.
    I grew older, my brain rusted, which was not helpful for Uni later.
    The money at the end was nice for the vacation i took, though. The money during service was less than any job would have brought.

    But again, that is compulsory military service.

  • Dan - I was a Navigation Electronics Technician onboard a fast attack submarine (USS BOSTON SSN-703). Basically, I operated and repaired all electronic gear that told us where we were. Had a good experience, achieved all goals for entering the Navy: received schools I wanted, got to see some of the world, and got to be part of a ship’s crew. Keep your goals always in mind. Spent 6 years active duty, 4.5 on the “boat”. As for college, I had little interest in it. I didn’t want to waste time and money (like a lot of my friends ended up doing) in college just to drop out later.

    If your 22, you’ve had 4 yrs in the working sector already. If you’re really still uncertain, keep reviewing your options. I found I had a lot of little reasons that ultimately led me to join…

    K-Ration - I would still be 3 years to retirement… doubt I would have made it…

  • ‘K-Ration - I would still be 3 years to retirement… doubt I would have made it…’

    Yeah, I hear ya…

    It’s nice to think about though, I work for the 'Gov as it is, and in another 20 years I could be drawing two pensions… =/

  • this is the crazy part, i have a stupid dad that was never there for me my whole life growing up. never was there to show me how to ride a bike, swing a baseball bat, throw a punch etc. so i was raised by my working clASSHOLE stepdad. now my real dad wants to come into my life and act like a big hero because he has enough money to put me through college. well FUK him. pardon my english. but the whole reason he has this money is because he was never there for me!! i don’t want to sound like a whiny dork, but i have too much PRIDE to take his sorry ass money. I HATE MONEY!! all it is, is PAPER!! i just don’t like living in a CAPITALIST society where the MONEY comes before the PEOPLE!! however i care alot about my country, because AMERICA IS THE BEST!! an i feel like alot of people don’t really appreciate the value of our country and what it means to be an AMERICAN!! i feel like the ones that DO SERVE are the ones that DO CARE!! otherwise they would just get jobs and make money!! the military is something i have always considered and i would like to be apart of it. well sorry about crying to you guys, but could i have some CHEESE to go with my WHINE? i’m about to go " sign my life away " for something I believe in.

    CHEERS!! 😎


    p.s.-real skinheads aren’t racist!! just remember that!!

    oh yeah i forgot i’m also the irish guy on this website!!

  • OK, don’t want to touch much of your last post. I would recommend NOT doing anything rash out of anger. Joining military service is one of those life altering decisions: choose wisely and carefully…

  • its ok, im not mad or angry. its just my dad wants to see me go to college and i don’t want to. i already tried it and i didn’t like it. i would rather do something for myself and at least fall on my face doing something I wanted to do. sorry about that last post i was drunk when i wrote it.

    cheers 😎

  • lol good work dan, i am truly inspired by ur “money is just paper!” rant 🙂 wanna get some people and run away to the woods with me and start a new society? 😄 always thought that’d be cool, indian style 😎

  • Dan - that explains it! Hey, do what you gotta do. Follow your gut…

  • I am in the Army National Guard, I just rejoined after 2 years out. I had 12 years in so I figured I would go back and finnish 8 more to retire.

    I am proud to say I am a Gulf War Veteran and I would do it again if needed.

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