• Need help on UK1 move. RR, 1 hit BS, no bid.

    R1: buy 8Inf
    KAR 19 inf, 2 ftr
    Cau 1 inf
    NOV 4 Ts
    YAK 6 inf
    SFE 1 inf
    UK water 1 trans, 1 Sub

    G1: buy 9 inf, 1 T
    End result of G1
    FWA 1 inf
    FEA 1inf, 1 tank
    LIB 2 inf
    WE 2 inf, 1 ftr, 1 bmr
    SE 2 inf, no AA
    G 7 inf, 1T
    EE 6 inf, 8 Ts, 4 ftr, 1 AA
    UKR 1 inf
    CARC 3 inf
    FIN 3 inf, 1 T
    SE water 1 trans
    GIBR water 1 BS, 1 Sub
    Killed EC water UK Trans
    Killed all UK water (1 BS, 1 trans, 1 trans, 1 Sub)
    UK AES Sub alive
    USA and Japan untouched

    It is not uncommon to be in this type of situation. Please give me some ideas on how to play the UK1.
    J1 usually takes Haw big, China and moves big to FICB
    Also how about ideas on US1 and R2.

  • Build a brit carrier, fly US fighters over or wait 1 turn then build fleet, or build factory in India. All of these topics are covered from both sides fairly well. Try using the search system, you might have to invest a fair bit of time but it’s well worth it.


  • Thanks for the reply. I have read almost all the post on several different web sites over the last 3 or 4 years and understand the general options. But….
    Option 1: If a carrier and trans are purchased then the UK fighters must kill the BS and Sub in Gibr. Loss of UK ftrs and maybe a loss of UK and US fleets on G counterattack.

    Option 2: Save money will delay UK a turn, is this good? Also what should the UK ftrs and bomber do?

    Option 3: IC in India viva Don’s essays. Maybe a good option but based on G postion is it the correct move?

    If you take a close look at the G placement of pieces, do they leave themselves to open in WE? Should R attack EE?

  • 2 FTRs and a BMR against a BB and SUB and only the BB can shoot back, and you’re asking what you should do with the airforce. Go 1 round and hope you knock them both out. Perhaps do nothing and have the US build a carrier then have russia land ftrs on it, I think you knock out the german navy and simplify.

  • In the war… britian won with air force… such seams to be the same for a&a. I would suggest 2 planes, 2 infantry =30 ipc’s. now for germany. germany will be attacking russia… but at the same time going for africa… basically you have a decision to make in he first round… germany or japan. this decision will reflect on a sacrafice you will have to make… lose africa (8ipcs – i think) or india (3 ipcs).

    Combat: tank from eastern canada
    2 inf from britian
    plane from britan
    battleship for offshore bombardment

    all of this is attacking finland norway

    *industrial bomb germany!!! hit them economically!!!

    by doing this you will eliminate one of the german fronts and give you an access point into europe

    for non-combat… move forces from india via transport to africa along with your plane.

    remaining planes from finland battle go to karelea

    not the map looks as such… india is left open for japan to take… but thats not to worry, because you have cut off the german blood line (US moves 2 inf and 1 jet in east africa first turn to help fortify). with this done, UK can now concentrate on pumping military into europe and aid russia in fending off germany.

    I strongly suggust buying AT LEAST 1 plane per turn for UK as the defend great in karelia, and can do good battles … first round then retreat to weaken german forces before russia goes for tactical strikes.

    with the map like this, the us doesnt have to worry much about aiding in germany and can concentrate on Japan… forcing japan to divide between navy and mainland troops. this buys time for russia to gain ground and eventually overthrow germany.

    this works for me anyways… diversionary tactics…

  • Thanks for the reply. However,

    "_Combat: tank from eastern canada
    2 inf from britian
    plane from britan
    battleship for offshore bombardment

    all of this is attacking finland norway_ "
    How can you do this if UK has no transports or battleships in the area?

  • @Jordanmarina:

    Thanks for the reply. However,

    "_Combat: tank from eastern canada
    2 inf from britian
    plane from britan
    battleship for offshore bombardment

    all of this is attacking finland norway_ "
    How can you do this if UK has no transports or battleships in the area?

    good point. I was wondering how mr. houdini pulled this off myself. BB is correct. Like chess, the UK has only a few viable solutions/options available to it at the beginning of the game, including purchasing an a/c and trn, begging assistance of the US AF, or the indian factory - depending on what you want to do to poor Japan.
    i actually like the “purchase 2 ftrs” bit, and infact i’d prefer to buy 2 bmbs rather than stocking up on inf without trns. It is possible to have a trn alive at the outset tho’. If you are not so intent on killing German planes, move your russian boats to the East Canada sz. This increases your chances of shooting down a German plane, or of having a UK trn alive somewhere. No guarentees, mind you . . . but it may work.

  • What you could do is this:

    Have the Russians move their trn to UK sea zone.
    Build 1 aircraft carrier, 1 trn.
    Combat: Strat Bomb Germany. That’s it.
    Non-combat: Fly two fighters to Karelia, move South African INF up to Kenya.
    Have the Americans land 2 fighters on the aircraft carrier, and move their trn also to the Britain sea zone. Then you will have a formidable navy in the UK sea zone. If Germany attacks this with 1 bomber and 5 fighters, chances are they will lose 4 fighters, and so be without an air force for the rest of the game. Thus, he may not attempt to attack your fleet. Either way, you are in a win-win situation: Germany has way less planes or you have a good fleet going.
    Anyway, if he doesn’t attack your fleet, then build 3 more transports, + 2 inf and attack Finland-Norway using 1 arm from Canada and all your aircraft. The round after you can land tanks or troops in Karelia or Western Europe, and keep landing troops and tanks every round in Western Europe or Karelia for the rest of the game.

  • Good info thanks. However the Russian navy was lost in the uk sea zone when germany attacked.

  • I think that there are a couple of things that you MUST do. I believe that Germany made a mistake by leaving that sub alive in Egypt, and leaving their transport alone. Take it out. Use the sub. I’d also take the 2 UK fighters and the bomber and go after that battleship, in order to protect your fleet, when you do decide to build it. Both fighters can land in Gibralter. You have a shot at holding Africa for the whole game (or forcing Germany to spend lots of IPCs to take it from you) if you can wipe out that transport and the battleship. I’d let the US build the carrier in this situation (German fleet in range of your air, Germany still has all of their air), along with 2 transports (don’t bother landing the Russian fighters on the carrier. Wait until US2 and have them land their owr fighters on it). The carrier and 2 transports should be plenty to discourage attack by the German bomber.

    I’d probably buy one of the following:
    2 fighters, save 6
    a fighter and a bomber, save 3
    2 bombers, save 0
    1 fighter, save $18
    1 bomber, save $15.

    I don’t like the idea of an India IC with the UK, unless Japan gets off to a bad start, so I never build it this early. In this game, I would probably move the 1 INF from Syria to Egypt along with the fighter in India. Move the India transport to Austrailia to collect the infantry down there and bring them back to India (or to Africa if India falls on J1).

    But, I think that the real issue here is that Germany has given you a chance to keep them out of Africa for the whole game, by leaving the transport alone, and by leaving the rest of their fleet in the Western Med without taking Gibralter. Sure, you’ll probably lose a plane (or 2), but Germany will lose so much more…

    If the German sub retreats, it has to go west (as the SZ to it’s east will be involved in a battle on your turn), well within range of the US air. All the Russians have to do is take Caucusus (I assume that’s what CARC is) back, and the Allies are in excellent shape.

    How big does Japan take Hawaii? Since the UK didn’t build a carrier, your fighters are free to strike back at the Hawaii Sea Zone, along with your bomber, battleship, and the transport (fodder). You’ll likely lose most of these units (try to save the bomber, keeping a fighter as well is a bonus), but if you can take out some of those expensive ships, Japan will either have to take their chances, leaving transports undefended in the Sea of Japan, and there’s a good chance they’ll never have quite enough to go to Africa in the late game. If you don’t like wasting your airforce, move the transport southeast 1 seazone, and the battleship to the west side of the panama canal. This should allow you to swing the battleship to the Atlantic. If you’re going to hit Japan back at Pearl, I’d buy 3 fighters (and build the carrier on UK2), otherwise, 1 carrier, 2 transports, save $2.

    Take Cauc back. I’m actually debating how to do this given your board setup… Probably:
    2 INF (Kar), 4 ARM (Novo) to cauc.
    2 INF (Kar), 2 Fighters to Ukr.
    I might hit Finland from Kariella as well (too bad your ARM weren’t in Russia), depending on how many of my purchased INF I want to build in Moscow and send East. A lot of other players like to let the US take Finland though, to build a tank factory. I like the extra $2 that Russia gets for the whole game, though.

    I can’t speak for R2 in East Asia, but I’ve found that going on the offensive with the Yakut stack is almost always a bad idea. It’s usually best to just hold your ground there until the USUK arrive to help you out.

    Also note that as far as these boards go, I’m not terribly experienced with the game. This all sounds pretty good to me, but I’m sure that someone will find a problem with it, and they may be right.

  • ever thought about an Indian factory?

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