• '12

    To all Axis and Allies fans in the Atlanta area, I am pleased to announce the formation of a new meet up group, Atlanta Axis and Allies.  I started this group as a forum for Axis and Allies players to meet up for matches, share game strategies, and most importantly have a good time!  Our club is free to join, and I encourage everyone in the Atlanta area to become a part of our group.  Below is the link to the club:


    Our first gaming session will be in March, and I am hoping to have matches on a bi-monthly basis after that.  Join up, lets get a game going!


  • '12

    Atlanta Axis and Allies will be meeting up for its first gaming session in the last week of March!  Going forward, we will will be meeting the last Saturday of each month there after, with locations announced on the site.

    If you are in the Atlanta area, it is free to join and we are always looking for new members!

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