Proposed house rules for German V2 rocket bases.

  • Please read these house rules and provide feedback.  Thank you.


    1. Germany has rocket technology as a National Advantage. No other countries have this technology.

    2. To reflect the amount of infrastructure that Germany invested in its V2 rocket program during WWII (e.g. Peenemunde), the German player must build a rocket base before building and using rockets.

    3. Rocket bases cost 15 IPCs to build (same as air/naval bases).

    4. A rocket base can be placed on any territory owned by Germany since the beginning of its turn. The territory must have an IPC value of at least 2.  A territory can only have 1 rocket base.

    5. Rocket bases are represented by a) those little V2s some people are selling on Ebay, b) the grey plastic antiaircraft from an older version of A&A, or c) some other small object that you want to use to represent the rocket bases.

    6. Rocket bases are not movable and are indestructible because they are built underground.

    7. A rocket base that is captured by the allies cannot be used by them; only German scientists have the necessary technical skills. Any rockets in the base will be destroyed and when the base is captured. If the Germans liberate the rocket base, they can build rockets for it at the end of that turn and launch them on the following turn.

    6) Rockets cost 1 IPC apiece.  For each rocket, place 1 grey chip under its rocket base.  Rockets are purchased at the end of the German player’s turn and may be launched on the next turn.

    1. The number of rockets that can be placed in a rocket base is equal to 3 times the IPC value of the territory where the rocket base is located.  For example, a base in Holland-Belgium can have 9 rockets; a base in Normandy-Bordeaux, Finland, or Rostov can have 6 rockets.  This rule reflects the local industrial infrastructure (i.e. slaves etc.) that is available to support the rocket base.

    8 ) Strategic bombing raids can be conducted against rocket bases.  For each strategic bomber that survives the rocket base’s AAA defense (conducted like air/naval bases’ AAA) and any fighter interceptors, roll one die and the total is the number of rockets that will be destroyed.  Remove that number of chips from under the rocket base.

    9) Germany can launch some or all of its V2 rockets against enemy Industrial Complexes, air/naval bases, or land forces.

    1. Rockets have a range of 2 territories (e.g. from Holland-Belgium to United Kingdom is 2 territories).

    2. To fire rockets against allied ICs and bases, roll 1 die for each rocket and the total is the number of damage points inflicted.  There is no AAA or fighter interceptor defense against V2s.

    3. To fire rockets against allied land forces, roll 1 die for each rocket.  Rockets have an attack roll of 2 and there is no counterattack.

    Feedback appreciated.

  • If you do this, at least give the UK radar for balance.

  • Agreed.

  • meh, we were just going to paint some of the old table tactic’s rockets white for a neutral color. The tech rockets will unlock the ability to buy V2 rockets (cost 2IPC). They are produced at IC’s and move two (transported by train/truck). They are used at your AA guns in place of your normal rocket attack, they are immune to AA flyover fire (house rule) and AA fire in targeted TT (also a house rule), due to their sub orbital attack and faster than sound speed on approach. Range is still the same (three). Roll two dice and choose the better dice of the two. Can only move in combat movement phase if movement results in its being used at an AA gun location for a rocket attack.

    Combined with my collateral damage rule makes for a potentially deadly weapon against air bases.

  • '10

    German rockets in WWII had no military value except maybe for the allies. The resources the germans wasted on rockets would have been better used on more conventional military hardware. Their rockets were nothing more than terrorist weapons. If it makes the game more enjoyable for you to have a German NA for rockets then have at it.

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