• It’s been a while since I have posted.  I kind of feel like a fish out of water now.  I purchased the Global Pacific portion of this game on release.  We stopped playing it because we felt Japan was way overpowered.  So we basically resigned to playing Anniversary going forward.  It’s time to wipe the dust off the box as I am getting the Global Europe portion of the game for Christmas. I was wondering if the game is more balanced now?  Any input or general changes that have been accepted to balance the game or is it good as it is right out the box (Global set-up).

    Also, what is Larry’s alpha set-up all about?  Is it in the rule book?  I can’t quite wait until Christmas, I have to start poking around now.

    Captain Crunch

  • OOB Global is seen to be too allied-favored because the US has too much money. Larry and others have worked on improving the game and have come up with altered setup and rules. The latest updates can be found here:

  • Many thanks, heading over now.

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