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    With IL’s map printed out I was thinking about using the 1942 in-box map as a planning map to discuss strategy among teams.
    I was thinking along the lines of turning it into a cheap dry erase board, and was wondering if anyone has ever done anything like this if they would offer some tips.
    Something as simple as saran wrap skrink-wrapped onto the board will work for me if it’s practical. (BTW, I don’t see that being the optimal path, but just wanted to illustrate that it doesn’t have to be something fancy).

    Would rather go the plastic/lamination route than just using a plexiglass cover, but I’m just looking for any suggestions anyone has.

    Thanks in advance.

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    I know you can print it on the same material which allows the use of markers, but the color would need to be bright because the background has alot of color.

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