• Political Rules

    British Government in Exile- In the event that London is captured by the Axis, the Canadian government will function independently with Ottawa as its capital beginning on their next turn, allowing them to continue to collect IPC’s and purchase units. If London is liberated, the Canadian government will return to the control of the British Empire. A Canadian Roundel will be placed on the IPC chart at 7 (assuming all of Canada is under Allied control). Canada functions the same as any other country.
    Relinquish Command- This option is for mixed military’s in the same territory only. The smaller of the two forces may relinquish thier force’s command over to thier larger counterparts, it takes an entire turn for the new commander to take full command ie… anzac hands over control of his units in Egypt to the British commander, the british commander takes control of the anzac units two turns following the change,on the first turn he takes command, on the second turn he can issue orders. For this to work the recieving force has to have at least one more unit than the giving force.
    Technology Capture- When a territory is captured the occupying force may make a single tech roll for every technology the captured country had. You roll for each individual tech at a time. (See occupying a territory rule)
    Occupying a Victory City- A victory city is not considered occupied unless there is at least 12 IPC’s worth of units in the conquered territory for the conquered players turn following the takeover. If there are insuficiant troops in said territory than the conquered player can still place troops in said territory if there is a opperational IC. (placing these units follow the same rules as placing ships in a hostile sea zone ie… the conquerer decides whether to fight or flee on thier next turn.) If there are sufficiant troops than territories IPC’s are switched over.
    Strict Neutral Convertion- You can try to have a strict neutral sway your way by rolling a 6 on a 1D6 and a cost of 5 IPC’s per IPC that country generates. This happens after the purchase unit phase and before the conduct combat phase. Tell all players which country(s) you wish to try to sway to your side, you have to have at least 1 infantry unit capable of landing in said country(s) on the combat movement phase on the same turn as a negotiator, this unit only moves into the country if you are successful in swaying it to your side. If successful claim the countries infantry and IPC output.
    Attacking a Strict Neutral- If you attack a strict neutral all remaining strict neutrals in that block become Pro(your enemy).

    South America                Europe                                                Middle East
    Venezuela- 2ipc’s, 2inf                Sweden- 3ipc’s, 6inf                              Turkey- 2ipc’s, 8inf
    Argentina- 2ipc’s, 4inf                  Switzerland- 2inf                                    Saudi Arabia- 2ipc’s, 2inf
    Chile- 2ipc’s, 2inf                        Portugal-1ipc’s, 2inf                              Afganistan- 2inf
    Equador                                      Spain- 2ipc’s, 6inf                                 
    Peru                                                                                                              Africa
    Bolivia                                              Asia                                              Angola- 1ipc’s, 2inf
    Paraguay                                  Olgiy- 2inf                                                  Mozambique- 1ipc’s, 2inf
    Uruguay                                      Dzauhan- 1inf                                            Rio-De-Oro
    Columbia                                    Ulaanbaatar- 1inf                                        Portugese Guinea
                                                          Byant Uhaa- 1inf                                        Sierra Leone
                                                        Tsagaan Olom                                            Liberia

    If the Soviet Union- is at war with Axis powers on only one map, it is still under the restrictions of being a neutral power. In other words, war with Japan lifts those restrictions from the USSR on the Pacific map only, and war with Germany and/or Italy lifts those restrictions on the Europe map only.
    IPC income from West India (2) now goes to Calcutta.
    IPC income from British Columbia now goes to London.
    Note: With these income changes United Kingdom Pacific now makes 17 IPCs and United Kingdom now makes 28 IPCs
    The United States may declare war on the Axis if London and/or any territory in North America is captured by an Axis power.

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