• Land Units

    Combined Arms- Mechanized Infantry may transport on land unit of equal or lesser value when paired with a tank. All units must begin thier movement from the same location.
    Blitzkrieg- Tanks and Mechanized Infantry that only moved one space in combat movement and successfully cleared the enemy land territory in the first combat round can preform either: A) attack a new territory adjacent to the first, B) retreat to an adjacent territory during NCM to avoid possible enemy counterattck.
    Artillery Bombardment- Your artillery aboard your transports may conduct one round of bombardment during the first round of an amphibious assault. ( Artillery do not land untill the second round of combat and do not assist infantry in the first round.) Artillery bombard at a 2. Heavy artillery has no effct during bombardment.
    Reinforcements- If there are any surviving defenders after any given round of battle the defending force may send reinforcements from adjoining territories. The maximum reinforcements can only  be equal or less then the attacked territories IPC’s. ( Only infantry and artillery may reinforce. ) You can reinforce at the end of every combat round after casualties have been decided.
    AA Guns are no longer captured; they are removed from play after the territory is captured.
    The cost of AA guns now cost 5 IPCs.

    Naval Units

    Blockade- To blockade an opponent controlled Island, you must surround all seazones that it touches with surface ships. When you do that, you prevent all IPCs produced from that territory from being received by the controlling player. When blockading an Island with a factory(United Kingdom, Japan, Australia, New Zealand) you are not blockading the income of that Island, you are blockading income from all other territories from being used on that island. Example(you have the sea zone surrounding Japan under control with surface ships. Japan is now considered to have at least 2 seperate sets of income). These sets of income can not be mixed together untill the seazone surrounding the Island becomes friendly. The only income that the factory in Japan could use is the 8 IPCs from Japan each turn. If Japan has any other Factories, those ones can use the other IPC gained from controlled territory as long as there wasn’t any blockading Issues.
    Submarines no longer fire a special “sneak attack” shot at unescorted transports. Transports are not allowed to unload land units for an amphibious assault in a sea zone containing any enemy subs unless at least one friendly warship was also present in the sea zone at the end of the Combat Move phase.
    Naval bases provide additional range and repairs to naval units. If a naval base has 3 damage markers it can no longer provide these services. A naval base can only receive up to 6 damage markers, after that they are no longer assigned damage markers.

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