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    What a pain in the a s s.

    You land hordes of allied troops along the coast,  normandy, etc,  paris is abandoned, and there are axis units in West Germany.

    But, if you move into paris, you lose the enconomic control of any french territories you have on the board, and the factory in normandy,  all for 4 inf you get for free ONCE.  Only to risk it against the inevitable German counter attack,  which then PLUNDERS all the IPC’s France is gaining for the entire board.  As a boost for their following turns income.

    Sounds like the best German african strategy, is to abandon it, and paris, let the allies take it, each turn possible, so that you can gain all the IPC’s that the french make for you!

    Anyone have any insight on this issue?  Or the best way to crack the egg in regards to paris - which, even if you take, only allows you to build 3 ground units there?  What a pain in the ass.

  • By the time the Allies take Paris, Germany should be in a huge fight with Russia.  They should have to choose to die via the US/UK army on the west or the Russian army on the East.  If Germany doesn’t have this issue, the Allies have had either bad luck or a bad general.

  • By the time the allies capture Paris, it ought to be over. You just don’t let Germany plunder the cash box again. Take it only if you can hold it. US control over ICs in Bordeaux and Norway ought to decide it as well.

  • I admit to leaving Paris in German hands. Makes me feel almost as evil as Stalin when he left Warsaw in German hands for a little longer.

    At least Paris isnt mission critical for getting into Germany or Italy. Sometimes retaking London is the same poison pill.

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