Newly Joined, looking for strategy advice. Germany.

  • Hey all,

    I’m happy I found this site, it seems that thousands of man hours go into the playing styles and strategies here, which is much more than I have spent in my own research :p.

    I play Revised with my roommates who, although I just taught them the game, are becoming pretty resilient to my strategies.  I’ll outline what I typically do and would appreciate any feedback.


    Purchases: up until recently, I usually built a German fleet (to some actual success surprisingly).  Now I usually allocate my IPCs (we don’t use the bid system; yet anyway) to a mix of infantry and tanks.  I’ll usually donate enough to fighters to take out the USA/UK Atlantic Fleets, though on average Germany has enough to strike hard and fast on the aforesaid.

    Combat Moves:

    In order of importance:  1) Use two fighters to get rid of the destroyer in 15 (I think that is the sz anyway, west med SZ).  2) Two to three Fighters to take out the UK Battleship around Gibraltar.  3) Amphibious Assault trans-Jordan with the battleship and transport with tank and inf.  4) Push into Karelia and possible retake west Russia.  5) If resources are available use bomber to destroy the UK transport in SZ 2 ( I think it is maybe 3) and return to Findland.

    Ran out of time to keep writing, I appreciate any feedback, and one question : Does loading and unloading count as a movement for transports? I was under the impression that it does.

    -S. Farley

  • My purchase and exact unit allocation will depend on Russia’s move and how it went. I prefer to build only land units on G1. If I’m able to stack Karelia or Ukraine, I’ll build 2-3 tanks. No matter what, here’s what I attack in no particular order:

    1. Gibraltar Battleship: sub, 3-4 fighters
    2. Karelia: minimal force or full stack, depending on counterattack
    3. Egypt: 2 inf, 2 tanks, maybe a fighter, bomber
    4. East Med Destroyer: battleship, loaded transport, fighter

    If Russia attacked Ukraine or Belorussia, I will always counterattack. An attack on Ukraine changes where I play my fighters. Attacking West Russia on G1 is a risky play that I’ll only consider if Russia had really lousy dice.

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